January Glossy Box 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can't believe how quickly 2016 went, and all of the things that happened throughout the year. However, i'm gl...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can't believe how quickly 2016 went, and all of the things that happened throughout the year. However, i'm glad to see the back end of it and i'm excited to see what amazing things happen in 2017. 

January 2017 also marks the one year anniversary of me and Glossy Box, I've been purchasing these amazing boxes of goodies for a whole year! Which means last year I got to test out a lot of amazing beauty and skin care products, some that I wasn't wild about, some i've re-purchased and completely fallen in love with. And no doubt, this year will be no exception (I hope).

Starting with Vitamasques, this is a full size product and is RRP at £3.99 which for a face mask that has the ingredients it does have in it is a really good price. Glossy Box normally always includes a face mask which I love because it is a proper treat for not only your skin but for yourself to have a little pamper night and relax with a face mask and candles and a glass of wine. There's nothing better after a stressful day/week.

I'm excited for this mask because my skin does get really dry and especially in these winter months I know my skin can take all the help it needs. 

However, my only concern is that it's a Manuka Honey mask and, correct me if i'm wrong, I'm aware that Honey is very sticky... So i'm praying that this mask isn't sticky! But at the same time, I a) doubt it is and b) if it helps my skin i'm not going to complain! 

So the product I was most excited to see was this little package from 'The Balm'. It is a beautiful single eyeshadow from the 'MeetMatt(e)Trimony' palette. The palette comes in at £34.00 which is quite expensive, but a similar price to the NAKED palettes etc. and after testing out this one eyeshadow the pigmentation of these products are incredible. It's incredibly soft and velvety and there is an amazing colour pay off. The colour is not really my usual go-to gold or nude shade however it is the kind of colour I'm always prepared to experiment with and it is the perfect shade for Autumn.

So it was my roommate who was looking through my box with me who picked this up instantly. She always has Nip + Fab products lying around the house and she's always raving about them so I was genuinely really excited to have this in my skin care drawer. This is the only product in this months Glossy Box that isn't full size, however in the sample size you received you still get an insane amount of product. The RRP is £19.95 however for the quality of the product I genuinely believe I would repurchase this. It's a superfood filled moisturiser that has ingredients such as kale, watercress and almond oil so the smell is quite fresh and cucumbery so if you like a more fragranced moisturiser this isn't for you. However this is one of the very few moisturisers I own that actually feels like it's going into your skin and doing the job and not just sitting on the outside and making a layer of moisture. So if you want something that actually works, I recommend trying this out!

So with this product I saw it and loved the packaging but didn't quite know what it actually was and what I used it for. I thought it was another moisturiser or a hand cream... however after some digging and investigation of the packaging I realised that it's a multipurpose balm from a brand called 'True Organic of Sweden' and this is the full size product which is RRP at £19.99 which is amazing. For £20 you are literally setting yourself up for years because that's how long this will last! 

You can use this on your skin if you have extremely dry skin, if you have a dry scalp which is prone to Dandruff you can put it on as a hair mask... the possibilities are endless which makes the name 'All You Need Is Me!' perfect and true. 

I've been using this religiously as a lip balm this past week and it's been amazing. I wear a lot of matte lipsticks so in a morning while i'm getting ready I apply this and it's been allowing my matte lipsticks to stay on for way longer and not dry my lips out nearly as much as normal! I love this little product, i'm completely sold on it!

So last, but certainly not least... the creme de la creme of this months Glossy Box! The 'Unani Illuminate Milk Cleanser', an incredible full sized product RRP at £14.00... This cleanser is amazing!!
I love cleansers, I love trying them out and finding what takes my makeup off quicker at the end of the day because I much prefer using my hands and water rather than cotton wool and micellar water. So I was obviously going straight up to my bathroom to play with this and take my make up off and I really was not disappointed! I was not only able to take my face makeup off but also my eye makeup which I find quite rare in certain high end cleansers because they have ingredients that really sting your eyes. So I found this an actual creamy treat to use on my skin and I am 100% going to be repurchasing this when I run out - and for the sake of £14.00 you really can't complain! It did the job and not only took all my face make up off but it left my skin feeling fresh, clean and soft which makes me love it all the more because most cleansers leave you feeling quite dry. So if you're going to get anything from Glossy Box this month to test it out... Get this!! You won't be disappointed. 

Overall, this year with Glossy Box has kicked off nicely. I'm very impressed and can't wait to see what amazing products come through my letter box! 

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