How To Budget This Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, your calendars are probably filling up at a drastic pace with work Christmas parties, nights out and meals...

With Christmas fast approaching, your calendars are probably filling up at a drastic pace with work Christmas parties, nights out and meals with friends and then all your stereotypical family occasions. With these events, comes a lot of purse emptying… New outfits need to be bought, deposits for parties need to be put down and then there’s the cost of all the food and drinks.

So I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t make enough money to support my lifestyle. Especially not around Christmas. I agree to far too much as I don’t want to miss out and I have far too many close friends and family to see so Christmas for me is an expensive time. This means I am always buying gifts too, and because I adore my family and friends I want to spoil them. If you are in the same position you can feel my pain, especially the pain inflicted on my debit card! However there are ways to make sure that you’re not spending an absolute fortune on others when buying presents but still making sure that they know you have clearly made the effort.

Gift Sets
Your stereotypical Christmas gift but still a little money saving warrior. If you go into any shop at any time there will be handfuls of gift sets on the shelves however in Christmas periods this goes into overdrive and they’re everywhere! And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you’re shopping for a girl for example, you can go into any make up department store and you can pick up a lot of stuff for a lot less of the price. You can go in looking for a lipstick and come out with that exact lipstick in a gift set along with a matching lip liner and make up pouch for the small price of £5 extra, that's nothing! Not only are you getting a lot more value for your money but the person you’ve bought the gift set for has a lot more to play with! It’s a win win situation really.

I say this every single year if people are struggling for gift ideas – make a hamper! You can literally put whatever you want in these, be it a food hamper full of fancy jams and chocolates, a pamper hamper with spa goodies and face masks or even just a load of your friend/family member’s favourite things. No matter what you fill in it, you’re going to look like you’ve made a huge effort and it’s a lot more sentimental than just buying a few random more expensive presents. 

Personalised Gifts
So if you haven’t come across the website ‘Not on the High Street’ you’ve been living under a very dark, cold rock. Not on the high street is basically one giant gift guide and it has really lovely personalised items for any occasion. These items can get a bit pricey at times depending on what you want to pick up however they are normally much cheaper than your stereotypical perfume or make up set and it’s so much more personal. It also shows that you’ve made way more of an effort getting something personalised.

Similar to the hamper idea you can do a smaller, more inexpensive version of this and get stockings which is also something you can put a budget price on. If you just pick up a little stocking you can fill it with little goodies. For example if you’re buying for your friend who is a girl you can get a lipstick or some make up brushes and some face masks etc. and then chuck in some chocolate coins for good measure! With stockings you’re free to put in whatever and it’s weirdly enjoyable watching someone dive into the stocking and unwrapping every little thing. You can also do this if you have a pet and like to buy them presents!

Memory Books
I’ve actually done a few of these books in the past for family members. I’ve essentially just bought a photo album/scrapbook and I’ve filled it full of memories, photos, short stories etc. so that if one of my family members are having a bad day they can look through the book and remember how loved them are! Not only is this relatively cheap to do depending on the size of the book but it’s also really enjoyable to create. It’s also one of the best feelings ever watching whoever you’ve created the book for open it and look at it. You don’t necessarily have to do this for any specific age range either, you can do it for young people too and make it a personal, hand made activity book that you can print pictures and puzzles out for them.

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