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So if you've been living under a rock - the incredible tattoo artist turned make up god Kat Von D's make up line has come to the UK,...

So if you've been living under a rock - the incredible tattoo artist turned make up god Kat Von D's make up line has come to the UK, and i've never been happier. I first came across Kat Von D's make up line in Sephora early 2016 when I was in Dubai, however having just moved out that same month I was too poor to spend money on treats for myself. Although not poor enough to not pick up one of her liquid lipsticks in the shade 'Mother', and I was also lucky enough to get a sample of the eyeliner from her collection.

After getting back to the UK and actually being able to test these two products out from her collection I could honestly have kicked myself for not picking up a few more things. The quality of these products are absolutely outstanding and i'm seeing everyone rave about them all over social media. So it's safe to say when they came to Debenhams UK I knew a few pennies were going to be spent...

We are bold, unapologetic, outspoken and different in our own way. We are artists, poets and lovers. We are the outsiders and the insiders.
We are Kat Von D Beauty.

So as you can see I bought quite a bit of the collection because I really wanted to test her stuff out and see if it's as good as people have stated.  So I went straight on Debenhams.com and sifted through her line to see what's new and what I have seen storming social media. 

A thing I noticed a lot when looking through her product descriptions was that she had a lot of ones named 'everlasting' or 'lock-it'... This to me is a challenge, I like to get the products and push them to their limits to see if they really work! And let me tell you quickly, when it says it's locking you in - it's not lying to you. This stuff is LONG LASTING. This blog is going to be quite long but that's only because I know that these products are expensive and you don't want to waste your money so you need to know this stuff is good.

So first off I picked up the 'Lock-It' Hydrating Primer & Base, and with primers it's not something i'm sold on because I just don't believe they truly work. But that's because i've never known what foundation works on my skin... But now that i've found my staple foundation I thought I would try it out. 

First Impressions – The second I pulled this product from it’s packaging I completely fell in love. It’s so beautiful to look at, a nice mix of vampy and elegance which is what Kat Von D emulates. I also absolutely adore the little cap that covers the pump, I feel like this is such a simple thing to add but it massively makes the difference – especially if you travel as it means the product wont spill out and go to waste. It does seem like your basic mouisturiser so I wouldn’t go all out to say it was life changing to your skin however it is a nice added bit of mouisture before putting on your makeup. You also don’t need to use a lot of this product unlike when you normally use primer so it will last a large amount of time so you get your moneys worth. 

Product – This product is actually a really lovely consitency, it’s slightly watery so dries quickly and doesn’t have the creamy consitency of a mouisturiser which means when you’re putting on your base it doesn’t feel thick or caked on. Also, as much as I said it’s not the most mouisturising product I've ever used my skin doesn’t seem fazed by the change of seasons at all which makes me think it works better than I think, normally my skin would be super dry by now however it's visibly holding up. 

I thought I would really put this product to the test and not only try it with Kat Von D’s Lock It Foundation but with a few other foundations I have. I tried it with my trusty go-to Collection foundation and it noticably lasted longer, although with more watery based foundations like the Bourjois ‘Healthy Mix’ foundation my make up just fell off my face. So it’s definitely for the thicker coverage foundations! But it’s been tried, tested and loved. Definitely worth the £24.00

So obviously I was going to pick up the 'Lock-It' Foundation'. You can't get the primer without the foundation! And for £27.00 it's quite a high price but for what it brings to the table - is it worth it?

I actually  really struggled picking a foundation shade because Kat Von D is currently still just online in Newcastle so I couldn't swatch any of the shades on my arms. However in the hunt through Google images for the correct shade I discovered https://findation.com - this little website is god's gift to online beauty shoppers! All you need to do is log the shades of your current foundations (so for example MAC or Charlotte Tilbury) and then it calculates what shade you will be in other brands colour tones! Sadly they don't have Kat Von D on however I had seen lot of people compare the shades to MAC ones so I found what shade I was with a MAC foundation and just went from there. I chose shade 'Medium 52' for my comparison of MAC NC20/25. I did actually want to get the shade 'Light 46' but sadly it was sold out but I thought this foundation is perfect for nights out or after holidays when I have a bit of colour on my skin.

First Impressions - Just as with the primer I fell in love with the packaging. I just think it's the coolest thing ever and looks amazing on your make up table! I also love the durability of it, it's plastic AND has a lock on it... What more could you want!? Especially if you're a makeup artist or travel a lot. I'm glad I picked up the Medium shade because it leaves a lovely warm, natural hint to your skin that you only really get with natural toned bronzers or sun on your skin. Plus depending on what look you are going for you barely need to use any product. It is really full coverage if you want it to be but it's also got the ability to give you that natural look to make your skin look healthy and glowing. It's one of the most versatile foundations i've used on my skin.

Product - So like stated above, it's hard to find a shade! It's a lot of pressure spending money on a foundation and not knowing what colour it's going to come out like. I 100% have to use fake tan if using this foundation, otherwise I would just have a white neck with my bronzed up face. We all know that isn't a good look! This foundation is long lasting, and that's definitely assisted by the primer. However as I wear glasses my makeup starts to collect around the areas my glasses lie on my face, and i've noticed with this foundation if I rub at it, it will come off! So don't be rubbing at your face if you have this on, otherwise you will have little patches all over the place. 
Something i'm also super glad of is the fact I haven't broke out at all whilst wearing this foundation, sometimes when you test new foundations out when they're thicker coverage you do tend to get a few intense spots however this time round I've only had one... That's it! And that to me is pretty impressive.

So for me the 'Lock-It' Crème Concealer was the one product I wasn't massively bothered about, but my friend absolutely raved about it and said I HAD to have it - so you know, not like I needed an excuse but since I HAD to have it... 

First Impressions - I love the feel of this product in your hands, normally concealers are thin and don't seem to hold a lot of product, this feels sturdy in your hands and appears to hold a lot of of concealer so I don't feel scared to use it often! I was also so shockingly pleased with the wand on this concealer. It's an arrow shape so perfect for underneath your eyes or in the corners of your nose. It's just a lovely change and seems like such a simple thing (alike the cap on the foundation and primer) but makes such a huge difference! I got the shade 'Light 9' and it's a very good match for the foundation, if not a little bit lighter so could be used to brighten under your eyes and contour. I would actually be interested in getting a darker shade to contour with because I'm not a massive fan of powder contours but I love cream based one as they seem a bit more natural. 

Product - This concealer is a very similar coverage to the foundation so I recommend getting one or the other, they are both as good coverage as each other so I feel like you're not getting the full effect if you use them both at once. Plus it's far too thick if you use them together and they tend to melt off and almost reject each other, especially under the eyes. 
This concealer is perfect for if you want to have that 'no makeup with makeup' days, it's very natural and subtle with high coverage. But similar to the foundation - don't rub this away because it will wipe off your face! 

For £20.00 I would say this is very similar to the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer but the high end equivalent.

The finale in the 'Lock-It' collection is the 'Lock-It' Setting Powder. I'm not going to lie, I'm not one for loose powders, I much prefer pressed powder so this is a bit of a push for me. Especially at £20.00!

First Impressions - I must be an absolute sucker for packaging because this is just beautiful to me. I'm completely obsessed with this... I love the fact that the holes the powder comes out is in the shape of the star, it's bizarrely satisfying.

Product - I like how light the coverage of this is, and as messy as I find it it's worth it for the appearance it gives your skin. It's not as mattifying as pressed powders however but if like along with the foundation you want that subtle, sun kissed no make up look it works really well. I mean it's like your stereotypical powder really, it does the job! However I do pray Kat Von D brings out a pressed powder version of this... 

So I had actually bought the 'Light and Sculpt' palette however when I received it the darkest shade had smashed and had ruined all of the rest of the shades in the palette. However this was a bit of a blessing in disguise because I only bought it for the hype over Instagram and I knew it was a complete waste of my money. So instead I picked up the Tattoo Liner - I received a sample of this and completely fell in love with it. This product is retailed at £16.00 and honestly? Worth every single penny. I have never been one to line my eyes or be fancy with a cat eye and that's purely because i'm rubbish at it but this eyeliner makes it 100% easier to do. 

First Impressions - It's your basic eyeliner, just so much more amazing. The pen is thin and the actual product easy to hold and manoeuvre. It's just perfection, I can't say much more about it!

Product - This eyeliner is extremely long lasting and does genuinely last all day unless you rub your eyes, but even then it doesn't even completely rub off. It's an actual treat to put this on your eyes. If you're a beginner to using liquid eyeliners or even if you're a make up artist, I can safely say this is one of the best eyeliners I have EVER used. 

So Kat Von D's 'Immortal Lash 24 Hour' Mascara was one of my 'challenge' products. I mean a mascara that lasts a whole 24 hours!? That is a whole new type of challenge i'm interested in! A lot of mascaras out there claim a lot of stuff and they don't tend to live up to our expectations and they're normally the one product I truly love testing out. I am quite lucky so I have naturally long lashes so staying power for me is my one thing I need the most as i'm never looking for lengthening ones.

First Impressions - This packaging, this wand, the jet black colour. I mean it's just incredible! The packaging is covered in red foil roses and it's wand stick is red. It's basically the Louboutin of the mascara world. I am so amazed at the wand and the shape of it, it's ideal for making a natural curve whilst also getting into the corners of your eyes with ease. 

Product - I was genuinely shocked at the quality of this product. It not only lengthens my lashes but it also creates the most natural curl and for someone who hates lash curlers this is ideal. It's also a pure black colour so it's basically the perfect mascara! It's also genuinely long lasting so it's great for a day to day basis if you work long hours or you're going on a night out and don't want to wear fake lashes and for the sake of £16.00 you really can't complain! 

So the final product I picked up was the 'Everlasting' Liquid Lipstick and I love a liquid lipstick so I had great expectations. As mentioned I had previously purchased the colour 'Mother' in Dubai at the beginning of the year and I was absolutely obsessed with it and used it nearly every day until I lost it (I'm the clumsiest human being in the world). So this time round I picked up the shade 'Lovesick' as I thought this was a nice pinky nude shade and quite similar to 'Mother'. 

First Impressions - I knew I loved these liquid lipsticks so I was alright buying another one, however I feel like this formula is different to the one I picked up in Dubai. It's a lot more drying on my lips and didn't seem to last long... I was actually quite disappointed but because I love the colour I wasn't quite ready to give up. As mentioned above I previously picked up the 'Shade and Light' palette but as it was cracked I returned it and picked up the Tattoo Liner but I also picked up the liquid lipstick in  'Witches' which is a jet black lipstick. I've honestly wanted a black liquid lipstick for a few months now and as it was coming up to Halloween I thought it was the perfect excuse to pick one up! 

General - So... I now technically have three of these lipsticks and honestly? I want every single other  colour I don't have. My hat is off to Kat Von D, you have created one of the most incredible lip products I have ever used. Where to start with this... The variation of colours are insane, the pigmentation is incredible, it's extremely long lasting, it dries quick and doesn't leave a sticky, dry feeling and... IT DOESN'T COME OFF OF THINGS! How annoying is it when you're out on a night out or going for a meal and you can see some of your lipstick coming off on your glass or chicken? It's just not sexy, and this liquid lipstick doesn't do this at all. It's just an absolute delight on your lips and for £16.00 it's my favourite product in the Kat Von D collection.


Kat Von D, I have completely fallen in love with your collection. It's absolutely amazing and I will 100% be repurchasing and continuously buying new items. And Debenhams - well done for locking this down!! 

These products will make perfect presents for family, friends, partners or even treats for yourself! Pick them up at Debenhams.com @ http://m.debenhams.com/content/christmas and enjoy! 

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