Mac 'Good Luck Trolls' Collection

So MAC Cosmetics is known for their never ending new releases, and albeit some of the collections they release are a little wacky. Howe...

So MAC Cosmetics is known for their never ending new releases, and albeit some of the collections they release are a little wacky. However their newest range called 'Good Luck Trolls' is a bit more out there than their usual things - and I bloody love it. 

I don't know about anyone else but when I was growing up I used to hate these little things, they used to really creep me out and they would always be dotted around my friends houses just staring at me... However since I saw the packaging and colours MAC were releasing for this collection I thought it was time to face my fears. 

This collection honestly looks incredible and MAC have really pushed the boat with products such as a green/yellow toned lipstick and coloured hairspray cans which I was genuinely quite interested in but I knew for a fine fact I would never use. But there were three specific products that I was genuinely interested in and I snatched them up quick before they went!

The first product I popped in my basket was this beautiful pink lipgloss with fine pink and blue glitter through it called 'Bubble Butt'. I'm not the biggest fan of lip glosses and they're not something I tend to reach for however when you're on holiday I think they're amazing to just have in your bag to keep your lips moisturised.
My favourite thing about this product is 100% the packaging, I mean look at it... What is not to love!? The little green troll and the logo with a sparkly blue/green lid. It's just delightful to look at. What's even more delightful is how nice the actual product is. It's your stereotypical Mac lipgloss so it does feel quite sticky when you first put it on your lips however other than that it feels moisturising, lasts a decent amount of time on your lips and has an incredible shimmer to it. This product comes in at £16.50 and if you wear lipgloss often I definitely recommend it for if you're wearing pink lipsticks or if you just want a nice glittery pop of colour for day to day business. Or even just to look at the packaging which is basically why I have it in my hand bag at all times.

So for the lipsticks I wasn't as wild about these as I wanted to be, I thought when I purchased it that like the trolls the colour was going to be crazy and vibrant. Sadly when I first swatched this product I was quite disappointed in how sheer it was. I love a bold lip so I was looking forward to this being in your face and it wasn't, however if you put the lipstick and the lipgloss together it does make an amazing colour! It's just not as intense as I wanted it to be, but I can't really complain as it makes a nice natural day time pink you can wear in the office and not be judged for! This product is £17.00 and if you like sheer, moisturising lipsticks that aren't in your face matte products then this is 100% for you.

The absolute show stopper of the collection is this incredible glitter pot in the colour 'Reflects Transparent Teal'. So I have never actually owned any of the glitter pots from Mac and can honestly say i've never been interested. As much as I love glitter I didn't think I could handle the amount of glitter in the pot and not end up spilling it everywhere and that lead to regretting buying it because I have to clean it up... Plus I wouldn't have a clue where to put it. However my friend had previewed the collection and told me that I had to pick this up because it was a complete must have, so obviously not needing much persuasion to buy new make up I thought I would pick it up. When I was actually in Mac the day of the release all the staff had this on their face, some had it on their eyes, some on their lips and some using it as highlighter and OMG if I wasn't already buying it I would have just picked it up there and then anyway. It looks absolutely amazing!! 

This pot of glitter is £17.50 and i've used it nearly every day since purchasing it and it doesn't even look like i've touched it, it's going to last forever. Saying that I still have no shame in admitting I picked up another one just to keep as a back up... That's how good it is - I have two. It's also made me want to try a few more of the Mac glitters because the holding power of them is really impressive.

I've tested this product in quite a few ways to see what ways I can use it and I did try copy the looks of the girls at Mac. I started with the obvious of putting it in the corners of my eyes along with silver toned eyeshadows or any colour eyeshadows I have and it makes the prettiest shimmer and really shows off your eyes. I've also used it as a highlighter but unless you work in make up or a job where you can get away with blue tinted highlighter I would save it for nights out as it looks incredible in photos and under the lights. I then applied the glitter all over my lips above a blue lipstick and MY GOODNESS, i've never wanted to stare at my lips more in my life. If you're gonna wear blue lipsticks you have to get this glitter to put on top of it. The blue flecks in the glitter really come through and make your blue lipstick pop and leaves you with the most beautiful shade I've ever seen. 

If you're going to pick anything up from the collection then I would grab this glitter asap before it's gone because it's my favourite thing in my make up collection at the minute easily. 

Top: 'Bubble Butt', Middle: 'Dance Off Pants Off', Bottom: 'Reflects Transparent Teal'

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