Clarins Daily Energising Beauty Balm

So everyone probably knows by now how obsessed I am with Clarins, it is easily my favourite skin care brand so I love trying new products...

So everyone probably knows by now how obsessed I am with Clarins, it is easily my favourite skin care brand so I love trying new products. Clarins is very well known for their skin care and moisturisers etc. however recently they’ve been upping their game with their lip products. They’ve recently released their lip oils and they are amazing – really moisturising for the lips and the most incredible scents! However it was always the kind of product that you could never really wear out and about on your lips as it does have a rather thick consistency and god help your hair if you were out and it was windy. But I love the lip oil for if I have a cold sore to dab on with cotton wool to give it a layer of moisture (if you suffer from cold sores this works really well) and on a night time if my lips are feeling dry or sore. However I really wanted one that was a similar concept but not as intense and Claris heard my prayers – they’ve introduced the Daily Energiser Lovely Lip BalmI couldn’t wait to get my hands on this little treasure to test it out so I went straight to Clarins to pick it up. 

My first impressions were that I seriously love the packaging, I think it's really beautiful and gives you a really summery feel when using it. The price comes in at £16.00 which is a lot for a lip moisturiser when you've got brands as good as Vaseline and Palmers with such low prices, however for a Clarins product it's reasonably priced. What I love is that it's also in a lipstick tube and it looks like the kind of thing you would chuck in your bag and be happy to take out and use when you're on the go. Plus unlike Vaseline products you don't have to use your fingers so it's 100 times more hygienic. And come on, again with the packaging - you would want to show this off in public, it's just so pretty! The only negative thing I would say about the packaging though is that it's not plastic, which is the appearance it gives. It's that thick cardboard material that you get with cheaper make up brands so that is the one big let down - for the money you spend you want a more sturdy material. 

I've got to comment on the smell of this product because this is the second main factor for why I picked this up. The smell is AMAZING, it's on a completely different level. It's so fruity and summery and completely reminds me of sitting in the sun drinking a cocktail of some form, it's just a completely tasty treat.

The product itself is not on the same level as the lip oils, it's nowhere near as long lasting and moisturising. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to apply and wear and gives off a lovely tint however for £16 it's not the best thing i've ever spent my money on. I have a tendency to constantly rub the product into my lips so it does wear off very easily. However if you just need a quick fix to keep your lips moisturised throughout the day or even to put on top of a matte lip product you have on then I think that's what it would be best used for. 

Overall my whole opinion on this product is that it's pretty and really nice to use however I wouldn't say that it's good as a moisturising lip balm and as much as it kills me to slate a Clarins product - it's not worth the £16. However saying that I do love using this lip balm and i'm glad that it's part of my collection as the smell and packaging in itself is a complete winner for me, it just sadly doesn't do it's job to the extent I would want it to. Sorry Clarins! I still love you.

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