August Favourites 2016

So I have been extremely busy recently so I have missed a few months of my favourites, I don't even think I have had that many fav...

So I have been extremely busy recently so I have missed a few months of my favourites, I don't even think I have had that many favourites because I haven't had time to try out new things or be consistent with anything. However this month i've noticed myself reaching for certain items pretty much every day so thought I would jump back on the favourites band wagon.

Maybelline 'Push Up Drama' Mascara - £7.99 

The first thing I have been absolutely loving this month is the Maybelline 'Push Up Drama' Mascara which is the relatively new sibling of the notorious 'Falsies' collection. I'm quite lucky because I have naturally long lashes so I don't need to worry about mascaras being rubbish and 9 times out of 10 they are decent however this has honestly stood out to me. If you've ever tried out the Benefit 'They're Real' Mascara it has a similar effect to that however you can actually wipe it off your eyes without causing any damage as the Benefit mascara is a nightmare to remove.

This mascara leaves the perfect amount of product on your lashes and it manages to lengthen and separate at the same time so you're not left with clumpy, thick lashes which is something I really don't like in a mascara. I picked up the black shade and you can also get a brown shade for a more natural look so if you are having a no make up day it's perfect and it's definitely my favourite mascara at the moment. It just manages to give your lashes that false look effect without the price tag of having to repurchase false lashes and I definitely recommend it! Especially for the price.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray - £16.00

My holy grail of bedtime! I honestly don't know what I would do without this little bottle of heaven. I  have always struggled falling asleep and being able to sleep through the night and if you refer to my previous blog (6 Simple Ways For A Better Nights Sleep) you will see me rave about this product and some other good ways to help you sleep if this is something you struggle with too. However this has definitely been my favourite thing because as I've been so busy with work my mind is constantly on over drive but the second I spray this on my pillows I relax and I know it's time for me to sleep. It really does work too and you can instantly feel yourself drifting off once you have sprayed it. It doesn't cure restless nights and is not a miracle spray, you are going to have the random day when you continuously wake up and feel restless however it does genuinely help you have better nights sleep. So if you struggle with your sleeping pattern pick this up as soon as you can - you won't regret it! 

Ok, so there's a story behind the fact i'm in love with this perfume and why it's only a photo of a sample! So basically I was very kindly gifted Moschino's 'Hippy Fizz' and when I opened it and sprayed it the smell was horrific and I can only assume that it had gone off or had been left in the sun or something along those lines as i've owned about 5 bottles of it so I know it's smell. So I went to Fenwicks in Newcastle to return it and see if I can just get a straight swap for a one that didn't smell like a muggy pond but sadly they had discontinued the fragrance (typical) but the man on the counter offered me samples of some other Moschino fragrances to see if I liked any of their other ones. He then handed me the Toy fragrance sample and said it was a new unisex fragrance and I instantly thought I would hate it because I didn't want to smell like a boy! I was totally wrong, as per usual. This fragrance is honestly beautiful and it is so long lasting it's insane. Sadly every time I have went to pick up this fragrance it's been sold out which breaks my heart but luckily the staff in Fenwicks have always been kind and given me a sample. If you love quite woody, vanilla fragrances you will LOVE this and what's even better is, if you love it you can spray it all over your partner as well! I can't wait to finally get my hands on an actual bottle of this fragrance! 

So i'm quite late to the party with the Jaclyn Hill highlighter in 'Champagne Pop' but I had seen loads of amazing photos of the product so when I was in Edinburgh in February I thought I would pop into Space NK and pick it up. This highlighter is a beautiful gold shimmer and it is honestly my favourite highlighter EVER which is saying something because highlighters are an obsession of mine so i've tried a lot... I'm used to using the MAC Mineralise Skin Finish products so when I used my highlighter brush to pick up this product I just went for it and tried to get as much as I could - DO NOT DO THAT! This product is intensely pigmented and so much product comes off it. It might as well be a controllable less messy loose powder highlighter. I can't rave about this highlighter enough, everything about it is amazing. Yes, it is on the pricey side however for the quality of the product and the amount of time it will last you it's worth every penny. The photo above was taken a few days ago and I picked up this product in February - I use it every day. That's how long it lasts! It literally looks like i've just swatched it. 10/10!

Saving my absolute favourite of this lovely warm month, the Clarins bronzer.
The colour, the compact, the design... Just accept your praise Clarins and take my money. This bronzer is the most beautifully natural colour, and all you girls out there know there is nothing worse when you buy a bronzer and it's got red or orange tones in it and it makes your skin colour look a bit chav and try hard. However this beauty makes you look like you've just had a few days in the sun rather than 'i've spent 1 hour trying to get the natural make up look down and i've went back to my year 7 make up look'. Another benefit is this is also such a large compact that it will last you all summer and is definitely perfect for your holidays to add that bit of extra colour to your skin and even through the colder months to put a bit of colour in your cheeks. Completely obsessed and an absolute staple in my make up bag.

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