Revolution Velvet Lip Lacquers

So I am not really into lip lacquers and I sometimes feel like it's a waste of time and money trying them out because they aren'...

So I am not really into lip lacquers and I sometimes feel like it's a waste of time and money trying them out because they aren't that good - although I am still obsessed with the £3.00 MUA lip lacquers, they are honestly incredible. However I recently popped into my local Superdrug store and my eyes instantly went to the Revolution Velvet Lacquers. The packaging of this product is really eye catching with the rose gold foil effect and the hint of colour with the product. It also helps that these were only £3.00 in price just like the MUA lip lacquers so seemed all the more appealing. 

So my first impressions for this product was that I really liked the packaging and the wand however it felt like the type of product that if it dropped it would break, but for £3.00 even if that happened it wouldn't be a big deal and you can't really complain.  

The product itself is a very thick consistency and is really creamy so a typical lip lacquer. The wand is a lovely sponge however it does pick up a lot of product which isn't necessarily a bad thing however it can be sometimes too much product. You just have to make sure you don't smother it on your lips because it can be hard to blend in as it is an extremely pigmented product. 

One of my favourite things about this product is that when you are looking to pick up a colour all you need to do is actually look at the product - you don't even need to faff on with watching as the colour in the pot is the exact colour that goes onto your lips. 

I picked up three colours to test out as I didn't want to commit to picking up the whole collection incase I wasn't the biggest fan. The first colour I chose was the colour 'I Fall In Love' - this is your stereotypical barbie girl pink. It is an almost neon shade when you first put it on however it soon settles down to a more wearable shade once it has dried. This is a good dupe to matte lip colours such as Candy Yum Yum from Mac or YSL Number 19 but a slightly brighter pink. If you love a bold lip and know you would be able to pull this off I would definitely pick up this colour because for £3.00 I honestly can't fault it. It's a lovely florescent shade and I can see myself reaching for this in the summer months. 

Due to the fact that so much product does end up on your lips I would also make sure that you wipe your teeth after applying as whenever I have put this product on, half of it has ended up on the pearly whites but the product dries easily enough so you don't have to worry about it continuously. When this product first starts to dry it does feel rather sticky on your lips and it feels as if that will be the sensation of the product the whole time you're wearing it however this is not the case. Once it's dry it is completely dry and the only sensation you will feel is almost like you're wearing chalk but that's only if you lick your lips. 


So this purple shade is called Velvet Depravity and is probably the colour that I would only reach for if i'm going on a night out or a fancy dress party and not something I would necessarily wear to work or everyday. I mean it's a stunning colour and the pigmentation for something so lilac is extremely good so I definitely can't fault that however it's not the most wearable colour. Saying that if this was the kind of colour you can pull off in your day to day life then I would! I would actually encourage you to wear it as it's such an incredible colour. 

The product will end up drying your lips out slightly if you wear it throughout the whole day and are continuously re-applying it however it's not as drying as a matte lipstick which I think is a win in any matte lipstick lovers books. The colour does wear off eventually and it's staying power is good, however not the best i've experienced. The colour tends to fade from the inside of the lips so where liquids or foods will have brushed against them so if you do not top it up every few hours it will look like you've lined your lips with a bright colour and forgotten to apply the lipstick. But what you have to remind yourself is that it's only £3.00, for that price this product is worth every penny. 

What I have found it that to counteract the drying of the lips that the matte effect has on your skin I have been teaming these lip lacquers with the Bourjois Paris 3D Effet Volume and Shine Gloss Elixir. The product is an '8 hour' balm moisturiser for your lips and comes in many different colours and quite a few of them match the shades of the Revolution Velvet Lip Lacquers so I have been using them as a top coat to not only keep some moisture in my lips but to make the colour a lot richer and long lasting and it's been working quite well. 

So last but not least - Velvet Rebel. This is definitely my favourite colour and is probably the most wearable. I definitely think it suits you if you have a bit of a tan or if you have darker skin tone whereas the other two colours I picked up would suit someone who has a very porcelain skin tone. I just think this colour is stunning and I recommend every one picking it up. 

Overall I definitely recommend you pick up a couple of these colours because I know I will. I would love there to be a wider range of colours and really need to get my hands on a nude pink shade! Revolution is definitely an impressive, affordable brand that needs to be watched. 

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