Zac Posen Mac Lipstick in 'Dangerously Red'

Zac Posen has recently launched a range of products with MAC and I was instantly drawn to this collection because it doesn't seem li...

Zac Posen has recently launched a range of products with MAC and I was instantly drawn to this collection because it doesn't seem like anything MAC has released before as it's a much more elegant range and it has shy'd away from the typical packaging. I really like the look of the products too however i'm not really a huge MAC Cosmetics fan anymore so if a new range I like comes out I very rarely pick anything up as I tend to wait for more high end brands such as YSL and Charlotte Tilbury.  

However the packaging and the look of the products that Posen has created looked really slick so I really wanted to invest in something and I saw that he had released three lipstick shades and the one that stood out for me is 'Dangerously Red'. I love red shades at the moment and I wear them a lot so I thought I would pick this one up so I had something from this lovely collection.

The first thing I noticed about this lipstick is that it's not so much a pure red colour or what I would call 'Dangerously Red', it's more of a pink toned red. However I absolutely love it, it's the prettiest colour so even thought it's not what I expected I know that I will get my wear out of it. 
This lipstick smells very similar to all of the other MAC lipsticks so very vanilla and chocolate scented which I will never get sick of, I genuinely really love the taste. I also noticed that this lipstick is extremely pigmented which isn't rare for a MAC lipstick however it seemed a much better quality - as if a bit more thought went into this range and the formula.

The first time I tested this lipstick out was at work so it was a full day of drinking tea and snacking on random rubbish! So I put this lipstick on at around half 7 in the morning and it is so long lasting it actually shocked me!! I didn't have to top up this lipstick until 3 o'clock and that's only because it had slightly lost it's colour and shine, it wasn't because it necessarily needed to be topped up. I'm genuinely really impressed with this lipstick from the colour and the taste to the staying power! It's ticked all my boxes and is completely worth the price of £17.00.

The only negative thing I would say regarding this lipstick is that after about 3 or 5 uses the product has started to move in the packaging as if it's going to fall out so I am slightly disappointed about this due to the fact i've only used it a handful of times. I think that for a MAC product it's let me down a bit and I feel like I can't use it that much because it's just going to snap so MAC... I ain't happy! However this probably isn't an issue with all the products so I definitely recommend picking one of the lipsticks up before they sell out or get discontinued. I know that I will be picking up more from this collection as it's proven to be amazing so far.

Bravo Zac Posen!

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