Glossy Box #1 - Starter Pack

I was about 18 years old when I first started getting interested in make up and I always remember everyone on my Facebook feed getting Gl...

I was about 18 years old when I first started getting interested in make up and I always remember everyone on my Facebook feed getting Glossy Boxes and I didn't have a clue what they were. All I knew was that it involved make up so I asked my mam to get me a subscription for 6 months. This meant that I got one box every month for half a year. As I stated I was just getting into make up so I remember the boxes coming and me getting all excited and then looking at the products thinking 'i'm never gonna use these' unless it was a lip balm or tweezers. I always remember how amazing it was getting the box through the door though and I loved getting a little present every month! In short Glossy Box is a subscription you can get where you receive a box of make up and skin care treats for you to try out and you can either get sample sizes or actual size products. Each month is different and when you subscribe to Glossy Box you pick your preferences so what skin type you have and what colour hair etc. and you get products specific to you.
4 years down the line I am much more experienced with make up and skin care that I thought I would give the glossy box another go and I though while I was at it I would blog about it and introduce people to the products to see if there was anything that they fancied. So I took the plunge and ordered my very first glossy box again.
The month I received my first box was February and the actual box Glossy Box sent out to people had actually sold out and was in very high demand so the box that I received was the starter pack which I felt was rather appropriate! This is what came in my box...

The first thing in the box was a body lotion and I love a good moisturiser so I was rather excited for this. It's the travel size of the Royal Apothic cream and I love the little tub that this comes in and I think it's really handy for if you're going on holiday or just away for a weekend somewhere. 
The texture of this product really is lovely and it felt amazing on my skin but I thought the smell was just far too strong and perfumed. I think the smell really put me off but the second my mam got a sniff of it she totally fell in love! So I guess at least someone is getting some use out of it.
There are different scents on the website which would be handy if the one you received wasn't really your type and I think some of them sound really lovely and the smell does travel so you wouldn't need to wear a perfume or anything like that. Overall I think if you like very powerful smelling body lotions this is 100% for you and the travel sizes are £14.50.

The next thing I opened I was really hesitant about as I much prefer champagne pink and gold coloured eyeshadows, i've found that darker toned eyeshadows don't suit me at all. Saying that I thought that I would give this a go instead of just putting it straight in my eyeshadow drawer never to be touched and I surprisingly liked it! I thought that the product itself seemed more matte than expected as it looks very shimmery and it's not as pigmented as I thought it would be which is good for a dark shade. I think if you want a more pigmented look you will definitely have to either use your finger to apply the product or use a damp brush but saying that it's a really pretty shade to use all over your lids to create a subtle smoky look. I don't think I will be reaching for this eyeshadow as I wasn't that impressed but I would definitely recommend it to people who suit darker eyeshadows.

I have and always will love Nails Inc. To me Nails Inc and Barry M are my two favourite nail products and I will always love anything they produce. This colour is a perfect nude shade, it's a very warm beige colour so it makes more of an impact that a pinker toned nude. You would have to use about two coats for this to get the colour that it looks in the pot. Then depending on what you do in your day to day life I think it will last quite a few days which for a nail polish is quite good. Nails Inc is a much better quality than nail polishes such as Chanel so for £11 for a full sized polish it's much cheaper and a really good investment - especially with a colour like this that you can wear all year round.

Beauty blends are a completely amazing creation in the make up world, I love them for blending in concealer and foundation for a complete flawless finish so the second I saw this my excitement levels definitely increased. I've always used the Real Techniques make up sponge and i'm totally sold on it so it was interesting to be able to try a new brand. The shape of this blender is perfect for blending in tough corners and getting a really even finish. This blender is a really interesting texture too, I can't decide if I like it or not as it feels almost fluffy - I think it would be perfect for it you use a cream contour kit. Saying that I use my beauty blenders for blending in my concealer and foundation so I haven't really been reaching for this sponge as much as I wanted to. I do like it and I love the fact it's pink and it does leave a lovely finish but more for contouring rather than foundations and concealers. What's even more appealing is that this product (which is shown as full size) is only £6.50 which is a really good price! 

I'm not going to lie, the second I saw this I thought it was a lipstick and I instantly thought 'this colour is far too nude, I need to change the settings on my box preferences' but then after further investigation I realised it was in fact a highlighter pencil. And anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with anything that is a highlighter so I couldn't wait to play with this! Glossy Box put in a full size product and this surprisingly costs £15 for the pencil shown above however it is completely worth it. I use this product on my brow bone and blend it in slightly and it makes your eyebrows look much more arched which is good when you need to get waxed! You would never use this product for an all round highlight, it's mainly just for your brow bone and maybe your nose if you use it very lightly so for £15 you're going to 100% get your money worth as it's going to last you forever! 

Overall i'm really impressed with the Glossy Box starter pack, I think that they have put a really nice variation of products in. I can't wait to actually receive my personalised box for products catered to my skin tone and hair colour etc.
I will be doing a review on all of the products that I receive in my monthly Glossy Boxes so if you're ever interested in the products but don't want to commit to actually purchasing a box then you know what kind of stuff you receive and see if there's any products that take you fancy! Stay tuned. 

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