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Everyone who knows me knows my love for Clarins skincare and I always hear people rave about their Spa and how their massages are so uniq...

Everyone who knows me knows my love for Clarins skincare and I always hear people rave about their Spa and how their massages are so unique, so obviously that meant I had to try it out. The last time I had a massage was about 4 years ago and it was just your stereotypical back massage so I was super nervous to go in because I really didn't know what to expect. The massage I went in for was the Rebalancing Massage with Relax Essential Oils and this was recommended to me so I really had no idea what it consisted of. Saying that, the lovely girls at Clarins in Fenwicks Newcastle recommended it for me and I trust them with my life these days.

You start off by filling out a form with your details on and you meet who you are going to be massaged by - in my case the lovely Ali - and go into the cosy room where your massage will take place. You instantly feel relaxed when you go in as the music is already playing and you can smell all the lovely essential oils in the air. Your massager informs you of where you can put your belongings and hands you the sexiest things you will ever wear - a sheer paper thong. This is where I realised that it was a full body massage! You obviously get changed and then get on the bed under the towel and then after a few minutes your massager comes back in for a little chat. You have a mini consultation on what areas of your body you want to focus on and where your problem areas are etc. so they can really focus on this for you. This is also where you need to say if there's a specific area of your body that you don't want touched for example your stomach because I know most people would feel uncomfortable with that. It's also a nice chance to get to know the person and because the girls at Clarins are so incredibly lovely you instantly feel comfortable and you don't feel self conscious at all about being pretty much naked (minus the sexy paper thong).

During the chat I was told what the massage was going to consist of and the technique that the girls use at Clarins which was really interesting to hear. It's a rhythmic massage so they basically never loose contact with your body so they are always touching a part of you which I thought was odd at first but when you're actually being massaged it's amazing and you definitely feel the benefits from it. So the massage began and Ali started at my feet and basically worked her way up. I was so relaxed and it just felt incredible to be treated to the experience.

The areas that I needed to focus on were my feet and the tension in my back and she really listened to me and worked with what I needed. The tension in my back is unbearable at times from sitting at a desk all day and just my posture in general so I hold it all in my shoulders. So I obviously asked Ali to work on this and... she definitely worked on it. It was easily the most painful but amazing thing that's ever happened to me, the kind of pain that totally takes your breath away but at the same time you don't want it to stop because you know it's really helping you. If you don't want intense pain like that don't worry - I assure you that if you state in the consultation that you don't want to be worked too hard they won't push you. Plus you can always speak up during the massage if it gets too painful for you. Saying that I recommend putting up with the pain because it's worth it in the end when you feel like a million dollars instead of your usual hunchback self.

I was lucky enough to also try a hot stone massage and this was the thing I was most nervous about. I was genuinely really scared that the stones would be too hot for me because I don't enjoy hot things resting on my body. I just instantly feel uncomfortable and want to be out of the situation so it was safe to say I wasn't excited to try it. All my friends were saying how incredible it was and how much I would love it but I just didn't understand the concept of resting hot stones on your back like they do in the movies. Hot stone massage is NOTHING like that. It's two hot stones that are rubbed across your back and the heat of the stones loosen up any tension in your back and it just feels incredible. I have no idea what I was so scared about! Obviously the stones are hot as your muscles need to feel the effect of this but they aren't too hot that you get a fright when they're put on you and you don't feel pain in anyway. The hot stones is perfect if you don't like the pain of getting your knots worked on as it is a similar benefit but with a lot less pain as your muscles have been loosened from the heat.

After the massage was all over Ali got me a fresh glass of water and gave me five minutes to relax and get ready again and she told me to take it slow and asked me how I was feeling and it was just nice to wind down after a relaxing massage and be able to take my time to get back to the real world. What I noticed was that you weren't as oily as you thought you would be so it wasn't as gross and sticky to put your clothes back on afterwards which was a breath of fresh air. Plus even though she massaged my head slightly my hair didn't appear greasy so you're ok to go out in public afterwards as I know some people (including myself) would worry about that.

After a lovely massage I wanted to go out and thank Ali and the girls because it really was an amazing experience and I wanted to book myself in for another massage or maybe a facial but the second I stepped out of the salon door a Fenwicks manager clocked eyes on me and basically stood staring at me until I came over to him. No hello, nothing. It was at this point I realised the time and Fenwicks was shutting so understandably the manager wanted me to go out but I literally had no time to say goodbye or get myself organised. He asked me what door I wanted to leave out of and I said the one in the mens department because it leads onto the metro and while I was half way there he started shouting after me, making no effort to actually move to get me and shouted that the entrance was now closed so I had to come back the long way around. He then walked so fast to get me out of the entrance so I had to race in high heeled boots after a relaxing massage to keep up with him and I tried to make small talk with him and got absolutely nothing out of him. He was the most stuck up human being ever and had the worst customer service and I think considering I was a customer who is a regular in Fenwicks he completely ruined my whole Clarins Spa experience. Fair enough you want to go home and get the shop shut up so you can go home but there's a level of respect that you need to maintain as it's not just a shop you're representing it's the whole Fenwicks brand so I was disappointed by that. However that's not to tarnish Clarins reputation at all because the girls were absolutely incredible and as lovely as always - it was just one of the Fenwicks managers so don't let that put you off!

One thing from the whole experience is not only was it absolutely amazing and I would recommend it to anyone but a) prepare for pain in the morning because it hurts! My shoulders were killing me but once the pain went away I felt amazing and I can really feel the work Ali did and the difference in my shoulders. B) When you get home after the massage don't drink wine or any other form of alcohol... You will get drunk!!

Thank you again to the lovely girls at Clarins, Fenwicks Newcastle. You're all the best.

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