So if you've been watching a lot of television at the moment you will see Kate Hudson's face on your screen promoting her fitnes...

So if you've been watching a lot of television at the moment you will see Kate Hudson's face on your screen promoting her fitness clothing range 'Fabletics'. I wasn't really interested the first few times I saw this range however as I have recently got back into fitness and working out I thought I would give the brand a try as they were advertised as being so reasonably priced. I also thought that since Kate Hudson is such a well known actress she's more trust worthy as a brand co-founder.

So I purchased an outfit from the website and you go through the normal process of filling in your details and putting in your bank details etc. but there's nothing out of the ordinary on the page so you don't doubt anything. At the time I had a lot going on with going to different places and travelling around and it was a pretty costly month so I thought 'I will cancel my order and then I will just re-purchase it next month so i'm not struggling with money'. So I rang them and spent about 20 minutes explaining to someone that I wanted to cancel my order - for some reason the woman on the other side of the phone couldn't quite grasp this so it was hard work to say the least. She said she would try cancel my order but it will probably have already been dispatched. So the order came and it was going to be too much hassle to send the purchase back and the money wouldn't have went back into my bank account for a while so I just kept the outfit. 

The product itself is really good quality and I really love what I picked up. The fit of the product is true to it's size guide online and the material used is perfect for working out no matter what you're doing. The clothes are also very, very flattering so it gives you that extra bit of confidence in the gym and if it wasn't for the specific circumstances I would really recommend picking up something from this company. 

However, sadly it's not so much a happy ending. I received an email stating the below:

Your February member credit of £44 has been issued and is waiting in your account. You can use it any time towards a Fabletics purchase totalling £44 or more.

We will always send a friendly reminder to either make a purchase or skip the month. All you have to do is visit your outfits page to view your selections and decide what to buy, or click 'Skip the Month' by the 5th and you will not be charged. If you do not skip by the 5th, 
you will be billed for a £44 credit, which you can use any time. 

So obviously I was intrigued by what this was because I 100% didn't sign up to anything like this. I went onto the Fabletics website and it showed that I was some sort of 'VIP' member and that I should have been purchasing an outfit every month before the 5th etc. and then I checked my bank account and Fabletics had taken £44.00 of my money out of my account. To me this is stealing and a complete scam. When I was purchasing the outfit I never agreed to anything that stated that I required to buy an outfit every month and there was no visible statement declaring this and making people aware of the situation.  However since googling Fabletics it's all i've seen - people stating it's a scam and having money taken off them without them even realising. 

I know it's not the blog I normally do and not everyone will be interested however it's just to make people aware of what's happening and to not purchase anything from the website as they will take your money and you most likely won't get it back! I don't have much hope. 

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