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Collection is a underrated drugstore brand however I’ve noticed a lot of new products being talked about. I’m a huge fan of their concealer...

Collection is a underrated drugstore brand however I’ve noticed a lot of new products being talked about. I’m a huge fan of their concealer and I use it all of the time if I have bad spots or dark circles under my eyes and I need that extra bit of coverage. As I have heard a lot of good things recently I decided to go ahead and purchase a few of their products and see if Collection is as impressive as I seem to think. There’s currently an offer on in Boots where all Collection make up is under £4… £4.00!! So I thought instead of just picking up a few products that are mismatched I would do it as if I was buying a whole new make up bag so I could really test the products.

Collection is extremely reasonably priced so I thought I would do a review on the products for people who are looking for cheaper alternatives to their expensive make up and want to spend a little less money or if you’re just starting out in make up and you want to try a few products out. I’m really putting these products to the test with a full 8 hour day in a warm office, going to the gym and walking home in the freezing cold with wind blasting in my face.

Witch Mattifying Pore Minimiser Primer - £4.99
Starting with primer I picked up the Witch Mattifying Primer as I often suffer with random breakouts so I thought the tea tree in the product would help maintain these. My first impression of this product was I really liked the pump that it came out of, I liked how slim line it was and how it didn’t seem that any product would pour out of it and you could really control the amount. I thought that this product would smell like tea tree and I was quite excited for it as I love the smell however it doesn’t have a strong scent at all. When you’re putting it on your face you can’t smell a thing which is good for people who hate overpowering scents of mint or strong scents on your face in general.
The texture of the product was your stereotypical primer, quite silk like and moisturising. However I’m not 100% sold on the primer yet as it’s not completely doing its job. In certain areas such as my cheeks or where I’ve put a powdered product it’s really staying put throughout the day however in my dry areas it’s making my foundation look like it’s almost clogging and my skin is drinking it up. So in areas like around my nose it looks flaky and it’s not nice. When I tried the foundation without the primer this didn’t happen. I feel like the primer is perfect for a more summer make up look where you only use concealer/dewy foundation on your problem areas and not all over. It’s also good if you do really struggle with spots and you have oily/combination skin but for dry skin I think it’s definitely a no go. Saying that, I give it credit where credit is due – where I don’t have dry skin my make up is flawless.

Lasting Perfection Concealer - £4.19
Moving onto my original favourite product – the last perfection concealer is easily my favourite concealer for them days when my skin just needs to be hidden! My spots darken really easily so I love having a thicker concealer like the Collection one to really hide my worst areas. This goes on with a wand applicator and you either blend it in with your fingers, a brush or a beauty blender (I prefer a blender for thicker coverage). It just goes on really smoothly, lasts a substantial amount of time and really covers the areas I want hidden which is definitely a bonus if you have dark circles or acne. Beauty Tip: don’t place the applicator directly to your skin. Wipe the product from the wand onto a clean finger and dab it onto your problem areas so you don’t infect the wand and product.

Lasting Perfection Foundation - £5.99
My first impressions of the foundation was that it had a really flawless finish. When applying it, it had a really thick consistency and it took a lot of blending in for the product to be flawless on my skin however if you used a beauty blender it looked perfect. It was like a thicker, fuller coverage of my Charlotte Tilbury foundation which is saying a lot! The staying power is better than any other drugstore foundation I’ve tried minus on dry areas when I used the primer. The foundation dried my skin out and left that effect that makes you look a lot older than you are due to some flaking so if you have really dry skin I wouldn’t recommend it. I found that it was when I looked close at my skin that I noticed the flaws, however from a distance or even when I held the mirror slightly away from my face my make up was still put in place and looked incredible on my skin which is a miracle because foundation hates me. Going to the gym and walking home in freezing cold windy conditions proved a really big challenge for the foundation especially after a full working day however it still stayed on my face! It’s persistent I will give it that. I am totally in love with this foundation now and completely sold on it. It does make you feel a bit cakey however if you like the feeling of knowing you have make up on then it’s perfect. I have started using this foundation on a morning now instead of always using my Charlotte Tilbury one as it’s so expensive. I’m considering using it for my holidays this year too as it can obviously take the heat and sweat AND has SPF 20 which is an added bonus! If you want a drugstore foundation – go pick up this one. I’m super impressed with the quality and staying power of this product for just £3.99!

Bronze Glow Mosaic Powder - £2.19
I love shimmer and adding a bit of shine to your face so I picked up the Collection mosaic bronzer. I absolutely love the look of this bronzer in it’s packaging, it’s really pretty! I mean look at it... It reminds me of a mosaic version of a Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, you just don’t want to use it because it’s so beautiful to look at. I don’t use a powder because I don’t think it benefits my skin or make up at all so I normally just dust a bronzer over my face. I wanted to use the Mosaic bronzer on my cheeks to give that look of a natural contour that’s not too in your face and for a bit of colour on my cheeks in general to look healthy and glowing. This bronzer is so beautiful and I love the colour and effect it leaves on my skin. It leaves me looking like I’ve been on a two week holiday and I’m happy and glowing and refreshed which isn’t a bad way too look! If you want an all over bronzer for your whole face (which I wouldn’t recommend you do anyway) I wouldn’t pick up this product, it’s for dusting across your skin only but definitely something you should have sitting in your make up bag.

Contour Kit - £4.19
So I actually purchased this palette a few months ago because I knew Charlotte Tilbury was coming to Newcastle and I wanted her sculpt and highlight palette but with it being £49.99 I wanted to test a cheaper alternative first so I didn’t waste my money due to not being able to contour! I think I picked up this palette around the first week it was released so I was lucky to get it while I could. The bronzer for me is rather dark so it’s not as much of a natural contour, it’s more of a night out full make up contour… However saying that I like to use the bronzer colour when I’ve fake tanned and I use it as a natural looking bronzer on my face instead of a contour so it still has it’s uses. It leaves a really nice colour on your skin if you dust it on your skin very lightly – I like to use the Real Techniques Stippling Brush for this so I don’t pick up too much product. The highlighter on the other hand is incredible… I actually think I like it more than the Charlotte Tilbury one which is saying a lot! The colour that it leaves on your cheek bones is lovely and really hits the light well. I definitely recommend buying the palette just for this highlight. However if you do want a highlight but don’t want to whole palette they have just brought out a highlight stick and it’s so lovely and natural on your skin and I definitely recommend it for a dewy summer make up look or for your holiday.

Blush - £2.99
So I’m a sucker for a blusher, I’m obsessed with blushes – especially shimmer ones. I picked up the Collection blush in the colour 4 Trouble and it’s such a beautiful shade. It’s like a more feminine pink version of NARS ‘Orgasm’ which is my favourite blushers at the moment. The second I put this on my face I fell in love, it gives off the sweetest pink shimmer with a hint of gold which is extremely flattering on any skin tones. It’s the perfect summer shade and gives off that natural blush look but with the shimmer it makes you look that little bit healthier. Overall the blush is definitely my favourite product and is the one I think I will get the most use out of! A definite summer recommendation. 

Eyebrow Kit - £3.99
So I picked up an eyebrow palette from Collection because I know a lot of people these days who are filling their brows so I thought I would try it out. My first impression was that my eyebrows looked amazing. I have quite thin eyebrows and the shape suits my face so I never want to overfill or make them look too much. I used the lighter colour first on my eyebrows to test them out and it was a really nice colour match for me. It made them look a little bit darker but a lot more fuller which is the aim when filling them in! I also love that it comes with a little gel in the palette along with the little brush tool you need to fill them in. I think for £3.99 you are getting a lot of value for your money. In the lighted palette (pictured) there’s a blonde, brunette and dark brown colour. Obviously if you have light brows you’re not going to use the darker shade however I have discovered that if you get a little eyeliner brush you can dust it on as powdered eye shadow for a more subtle cat eye look and it works really well so you get your pennies worth!

Divine Volume Lash Mascara - £4.99
I will talk about my least favourite product next – I used the Divine Volume Lash mascara and I just wasn’t impressed at all. I thought the wand looked nice however didn’t pick up a lot of product and it made my eyelashes clump together. It was also very flaky and would be much better on people with naturally short lashes. I didn’t look at any of the other mascaras although I know there are quite a few so I’m going to try a few more out because I could have just picked up a mascara not suited for me. I have faith that Collection will have at least one amazing mascara in their collection! 

Eyes Uncovered Eyeshadow Palette - £3.99
Collections eye shadow palettes are absolutely incredible. I have been using them for quite a large amount of time and they are the perfect drugstore dupes of Urban Decay eye shadows and smaller versions of their Naked palettes! I honestly pick these little palettes up more that my Urban Decay ones because not only are they so much cheaper, they are lighter to carry around because their packaging is just a bit of cardboard. The shades are so varied from matte and shimmer and there is a wide range of colours in the palettes, they are also extremely pigmented so you don’t have to use a lot of the product at all. 
If you want pretty nude eye shadow shades without the drug store price tag then these are definitely the ones that you need to get! You will instantly fall in love with the pigmentation of them and their long lasting colour. Perfect for every day make up and if you’re going out for the night. I do wish there was more of a range of colours and there purples and blues etc. for a more adventurous eye look however I have heard that they are bringing these out soon so I’m very excited to see what Collection has in store for us.

Matt Lip Butter - £2.99
So I originally picked up a lipstick to test and it was purple so it was a colour I always pick. My friend made me go for a product that I’d never tried in a colour I would never usually pick out for myself. So I got the Matt Lip Butter in the colour 01 Marshmallow Pink which is a summery coral colour. The taste of this product is really delightful, it’s floral without it being over powering. My first impression was that you had to apply this product a lot, it wasn’t as pigmented as I was expecting however I wasn’t stood at the mirror applying it for ages, it was just going over your lips a couple more times. Because I wasn’t used to the colour I didn’t like how it looked on my lips and I was slightly distracted by the quality of the product itself. However I liked how it wasn’t an instantly dry product, I like when you can feel it drying and you are able to gradually get used to it. When it did dry the colour was lovely and it seemed to be adapting to my skin which I thought was pretty cool. 
The product itself lasted a while on my lips and in the space of about 8 hours I only topped up once and it was after eating so it was understandable the colour would fade. I did personally find this product really drying on my lips and I didn’t like how it made them look however if you use one of these crayons and then use either a lip gloss or Vaseline of some sort this could look and feel really nice. 

Overall I would say that the product quality with Collection make up is absolutely incredible. I was not expecting the products I picked up to have the high standard of pigmentation and lasting that they did especially for the little price they are. If you are looking for any new make up to be part of your daily routine you need to get yourself over to Collection and pick some things up because it’s definitely worth it. There are some products from Collection that I used on my face that I’m not only going to use over other pieces of make up I have but that are actually better than a lot of the high end make up that I have. I know all skin is different but personally that’s how I feel and I’m super impressed! Also, if you bought all of the above products it's only going to total £40.50 - that's for a full make up bag! 

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