10 Types of Guys You Meet On Tinder

Anyone who is single has probably joined Tinder at one point. This could be to get over a past relationship, to meet someone new or to ...

Anyone who is single has probably joined Tinder at one point. This could be to get over a past relationship, to meet someone new or to just have a bit of fun! Whatever the reason we've probably all had an interesting Tinder experience at some point or another. For those who haven't been on Tinder you are missing out - it's the funniest thing you will ever experience. Tinder is basically a dating app that you can swipe left if you don't like the look of someone or swipe right if you do and if you and the other person have both liked each other you 'match' together and can talk to them. But it's an amazing confidence booster when you match with someone! 

If you are a serial Tinder go-er you will start to realise a pattern in the people you 'match' with... 

1) The Match and Mute

This is 100% the majority of the people you match with and thats the person who never speaks. For reasons un-beknown to me you match with someone and they never talk to you! What is the point!? Why do they do that!? Even if you talk to them you will get no reply at all. 
If you don't want to match with someone or talk to them - don't like them. If doesn't make you cool having hundreds of matching if you don't talk to any of them you fool! Grow some balls and talk to us. 

2) The One with the Girlfriend

I don't know if guys do this or other girls for that matter but if I have nothing to do and i'm super bored I like to cyber stalk the guys who have super liked me. For those who don't know what a super like is it's basically a button you can press that means your profile comes up as blue and more prominent on the persons account you have liked. So they are basically 100% going to see you and see you like them. 9 times out of 10 they have a girlfriend which is disgusting! I will see them on Facebook and feel so incredibly sorry for the girl as she obviously has no idea what her partner is getting up to. I would never dream of making the girlfriend aware of her boyfriends creepy ways but some girls aren't so nice... so boys - if you have a girlfriend AND Tinder be very careful because us girls are amazing at finding out everything. It's a skill of ours.

3) The Guy You Actually Know

Let's not lie - you see your closest guy friends on Tinder and you super like the shit out of them and have the weirdest conversation ever with them. There's a lot of 'asl' and 'ur unreal biz' getting chucked about and it's the most hilarious thing that's ever happened to you for about 5 minutes. Then you remember you friend zoned them about 3 years ago and move on. Sorry friends!

4) The One Who Tries to Overachieve

You will match with someone, they ask you a light hearted question, you will feel slight relief they aren't creepy and reply back. Then... out of nowhere... "I hate Tinder, text me on 0800-desperate".  No. I don't want to text strangers. I don't just give my number out to anyone. At least say more that 10 words to me and then I might consider it but it's not attractive how quick you're moving there.

5) The One Who Thinks He's Hilarious

There is a very fine line between being funny and being a sarcastic asshole. A VERY fine line. It genuinely really frustrates me when you will be talking to a guy and he's attractive and he has a decent sense of humour and then all of a sudden they turn into a massive douche. You try your best to reign it back in but it just never works out in the end and it just feels like the biggest waste of time.

6) The Genuinely Nice Guy

Rejoice! Someone who is kind, attractive and makes the effort. I know so many people who have met their partners on Tinder and they are so happy and the nicest people (not sure where they are on my Tinder - it must be broken). But for those guys genuinely out there on Tinder to meet someone for something other than sex - I salute you!

7) The One Who Has 'Never Been On Tinder'

Every blue moon you will talk to someone who is really nice and all of a sudden they will tell you they have never been on Tinder before or they're never spoke to anyone on there. Even going for the good old 'i've never been on a date' line. You've got photos of yourself half naked on your Tinder account with photos of your 'in your face muscles' - who you trying to fool? Don't insult my intelligence you Geordie Shore wannabe.

8) The Only In It For One Thing Guy

I have genuine conversations on my Tinder where it's purely one sided and all it says is 'You Out Tonight?' ... 'What you doing tonight?' ... 'Where do you live?' Yes desperate stranger. I am going to reply to all of your messages at 4 o'clock in the morning when i'm snuggled up in bed fast asleep in my My Little Pony pyjamas and tell you where I live. That's exactly what i'm going to do when i've never spoken to you before. I mean credit to you if this actually works but i'm afraid some of us are not that desperate.

9) The One Who's Not Real

Have you ever looked at a profile and it's a really handsome guy who's a graduate, well travelled and a friendly looking individual and you match with them and it's all fun and games until they message you with the words "hye gurl. u oki". At what part of the message are we supposed to believe that you are a 23 year old law student? Because you aren't really fooling me. Good effort though.

10) The One With The Penis

Sorry in advance mum, but it happens and its hilarious. You will be talking to a really nice guy and getting on really well with them to the point you think you fancy meeting up with them so you give them your number. Things continue to go really well and you are starting to really like this person. Then one morning you will wake up, not expecting a thing, open up your snapchat from your new friend and then you day is instantly ruined. By a penis. Right there on your screen for 2-10 seconds...
I don't know about other girls but to me this is not big nor clever (see what I did there). Especially when you start getting them every morning so have to avoid snapchat at all costs.
What's even worse is when they ask for one back. You kidding? If you don't have the time to take a girl for a damn drink you don't have the time to look at a photo of our boobs. These people are the ones that make you delete Tinder for the fifteenth time that month.

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