January Favourite's 2016

    January has felt like the longest month ever. You're on a comedown from the festive period, you're poor off all the parti...


January has felt like the longest month ever. You're on a comedown from the festive period, you're poor off all the parties and presents and you just want the month to be over with! However it is the time to play with all your new goodies you got for Christmas, hit the boxing day sales for cheap deals and drink as much Prosecco as possible alongside all of your chocolate treats because you can get away with it. 

I've had a few favourites this month, all beauty related. Some i've had for months but some i've been lucky enough to receive as gifts. 

Starting with a very old favourite of mine - The Kardashian Beauty Joystick Lip Stick Pen. I have every single colour of this lip product. They're a complete favourite of mine and have been for more than a year now. When I first saw this product I was a bit hesitant about buying it because it's from the Kardashian Beauty collection and it's very rare that celebrity make up lines are to the standard of brands such as Mac and NARS. But saying that I can honestly tell you that everything about this product is incredible. The staying power, the taste, the shape of the product to help precise application and the colour pigmentation. They're just a complete must have in your make up bag and are only £10.95 so are a complete steal.

Obviously at Christmas time you need a trusty red lipstick and I had a lot of choice but I found the lipstick I was reaching for the most is definitely the Kardashian Joystick in the colour 'Retro Red'. This colour is such a bright red and has the most incredible sheen to it. Also a worry in the winter months is drying lip products and I feel this Joystick definitely keeps your lips moisturised throughout the day/night. I definitely recommend these lip pens because this one hasn't left my lips, I am completely in love. 


As a Christmas gift my best friend bought me the YSL Rouge Volupté Shine lipstick in the Shade 19 and it was the perfect colour for me. My mum then bought me the YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in the Shade 19 too! That just goes to show how well my family know me, they're the best.

These colours are exactly the same but so incredibly different. The Rouge Volupté Shine lipstick is a much more moisturising lip product and leaves a sheer pop of pink on your lips that's not as intense as the Rouge Pur Couture lipstick which is a matte lip product and is extremely pigmented. Both products have been on my lips as much as I could possible wear them. The Rough Volupté Shine is currently my go to work lipstick as it's not as intense in a working environment - and an added bonus is it smells like watermelons so it tastes pretty good. However I love the matte colour for it's intensity on night's out if you want to make a statement. Both of these lipsticks come in at £26.00 and are worth every single penny. 

Annoyingly so I have been really poorly this January just with a few cold's but right before I am run down and flu-y I always get a coldsore. It's my least favourite thing in the whole world and I wouldn't wish them on anyone. Since I have been ill three times this year already (thanks immune system) I have had three coldsores... In 31 days. It's been the worst and obviously it's meant I couldn't play with all of my new lipsticks because I didn't want to infect them all!

It has also resulted in the Boots own brand Lip and Cold Sore Relief Cream becoming my best friend and make up bag essential. This thing has just been constantly on my lips and it's made me look like a complete idiot but it's been worth it because it works. I've tried a lot of cold sore creams and patches but for me this cream gets the job done. 

It takes the pain on a coldsore away and you can see the difference after a few hours. So if you suffer from coldsores before you are about to get poorly or you just get them in general I definitely recommend picking up this product. 

I know it's not the sexiest of products to have as a favourite but it's honestly been my go to most used product this month and it's done what is said on the tin - gave me relief when I was in pain! It's also only £2.29 which means even if you only have one cold sore in your life you aren't wasting your money! 
Another really unsexy product that has been my complete favourite is this Witch Concealer Pen. As many will know Witch is the skin care brand that helps tackle blemishes.  You can get blemish sticks and face washes etc. to help make your skin much clearer and free from spots. However a few weeks ago I was having a few breakouts (probably from the amount of alcohol I was consuming around christmas) so I was just in a drugstore and I decided to give a few blemish products a go. I only wanted to try a few different ones so I didn't want to spend a load of money so I picked up the concealer pen. I didn't expect anything at all from this product and I never thought that it would be worth the money and actually work but I was getting desperate.

This product truly works AND conceals all the areas you want hidden. The second I put this product on my face I was shocked at how much it concealed my spots and it was the kind of coverage that I would expect from a make up brand, not a skin care range. I also found that this did reduce redness on my skin and has helped my spots a lot. I have been using this skin care product religiously and it is the best thing that has happened to my face for a long long time!! I'm very happy to have discovered this and I recommend it to anyone who has pesky spots or wants decent coverage. The only negative thing I would say is there is only one colour to this so try and test it on your skin before purchasing. However with it only being £3.79 you can't exactly complain if it doesn't match completely.

I have a load of issues with my hands getting very dry, very easily and i'm always moisturising my hands. I do this especially at work because the office environment makes my skin dry out much faster than if I was at home or in a restaurant. I love using a Lush Cosmetics hand cream called Handy Gurugu which definitely moisturises my hands and has the best effects. However it is extremely oily and is the kind of hand cream you need to put on at night when you aren't touching things and leaving your mark... So understandably when i'm typing away at a keyboard and using a mouse I don't like using the Lush cream because I leave grease marks all over. I was given a travel size of the L'occitane Lavender Hand Cream for Christmas and I knew I would love this product because Lavender is one of my favourite scents. Then when I tried it I fell so in love with this hand cream I went out and bought the large not so travel size version of it for £14.00. This cream is so smoothing on your skin and is the lightest texture which is very rare from hand creams. It also leaves the prettiest scent on your skin and it is a lasting smell, not just something you smell for a minute after you've applied it. If you have dry hands and work with computers or other appliances you don't want to leave grease marks I definitely recommend going into L'occitane and picking up one of their hand creams. 

An old one but a forever favourite... I went on a little Lush rampage for a while and I started using all of their products. One included was their dry hair shampoo, I was completely in love with it and used it all the time! However since getting my hair dyed my hair gets very static and Lush's dry hair shampoo had a tendency to encourage it. So I went back to my old faithful Batiste Dry Hair Shampoo and I always got the 'Tropical' Scent. However I went to ASDA to pick up some more and they were completely out of tropical so I just got the original scent. For some reason I had got it in my head that I didn't like the smell of it but the second I sprayed it memories of festivals and parties all came rushing back to me from the days Batiste first came out. It just smells incredible and it's been a genuine treat putting this on my hair!! 

Many people will know I have a blatant obsession with Lush and all Lushies will know that after the festive period they sell off all of their Christmas products half price. I took full advantage of this in January and stocked up on all of my favourites. However my absolute favourite Christmas bath bomb of the year is 100% the Luxury Lush Pud. This bath bomb smells absolutely insane - if you like Twilight that is what the Christmas Pud smelt like. But it wasn't just the smell that made me fall in love with this product, it was the way it made me feel like I was having a little party in the bath!! My bath was just a rainbow of colours and it was just amazing. I already can't wait for next year and i'm praying for them to re-release this. I genuinely bought about 10 of these in the sale and i'm heartbroken I didn't buy more! They have been my favourite bath bomb of the month easily. 

My last favourite of this month is 100% my nails. I hate my nails and I also hate getting acrylics put on because in the past my nails have been literally ripped off and it is a pain I don't even wish on my worst enemy. So I had heard Zoella rave about the brand Elegant Touch and even though I personally didn't like the square cut ones she was wearing I trusted her opinion enough to pick up a few colours. I will also admit that the reason I first got these is because I was too lazy to paint my nails for a night out and thought stick ons would be easier... So I gave them a shot and this was in early December and I can honestly say that I have not had them off since. These nails have been my favourite discovery in a long time and I am completely in love with the way they look. There is a large range of sizes so for people with smaller or larger nail beds they will fit you perfectly. There is also an even larger range of styles and colours you can pick up. My personal favourites and the nails i've been complimented the most wearing them are without a doubt the 'Constellation' nails which are a metallic rose gold. I love the way they make my hands look and are just the best things EVER. I've also had them on my hands for about 3 weeks too, they're not a 2 day wear and then they're off - I have these on for weeks at a time! The staying power is amazing! Elegant Touch will be on my hands for the foreseeable future for sure!

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