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I haven't been one to look after my skin in the past and I've always put makeup ahead of skin care. I've sinn...

I haven't been one to look after my skin in the past and I've always put makeup ahead of skin care.
I've sinned my whole life by either not taking my make up off at all or... I used a make up wipe! Skin care lovers don't hate me - i've got my shit together now. Looking back on that now it actually makes me feel a bit sick and my skin must have been an absolute mess.
However I have my mother to thank for saving me from my terrible ways because she was looking for a new moisturiser and she wanted to look into the Clarins HydraQuench Cream. We popped into the Clarins counter in Fenwicks, Newcastle and there is where I met the most incredible human being who completely transformed my whole opinion on skin care! If ever you are in Newcastle and you a) want new skin care products or b) just have time to look around go and see Melissa on the Clarins counter! All the girls there are incredibly knowledgeable and the nicest team of staff however Melissa is just my complete favourite. She has completely fixed my skin and told me things about my skin I would never have known and she has a great knowledge of the products so really helped me make the most of Clarins products. I could talk about the incredible staff at Clarins all day long but it's the products that we need to talk about.

When I first started using Clarins skin care I had very dry skin but in areas it was very oily so I was prone to break outs but now my skin feels healthy and moisturised throughout the day and my breakouts have really reduced - give or take one or two annoying little pimples. I love all of the products this brand have, i've not yet found anything I don't like but I have managed to round it down to list of the top 10 products that you need to have in your skin care routine! (All products are tagged in the title of their product)


One-Step Cleanser With Peach Essential Water - £20.50

This product is used to remove any make-up and impurities and it leaves your skin feeling so fresh and smooth. It has made taking my make-up off an actual treat. The only negative thing I say about this product is that it goes down very quickly because it's so addictive to use and you become obsessed with not only how clean your skin feels but the smell of it too. This product is mainly for normal to dry skin so if you are prone to having quite oily skin I would stick with a product like the 'One-Step Cleanser with Mint'.  Both products come in at the same price of £20.50.

Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover - £19.00

This little product is an absolute godsend. The second this was used on me I fell in love - it took my eye make-up off so smoothly and quickly. So much so I doubted that I actually had mascara and eyeshadow on my face. If you have heavy duty make-up on like Benefit's 'They're Real' Mascara or some liquid eyeliner then it's obvious that it's not just going to glide off your lashes - no remover is that good. But it's definitely the best eye make up remover i've used as you're not having to rub on at your eyes so they don't go sore and tender. In contrast to the one-step cleanser this product goes a long way and lasts for a large period of time.

Cleansing Milk With Alpine Herbs - £19.50

This product has a similar effect to the one-step cleanser however instead of it being water based it has a thicker, cream like consistency. I actually use this product after my cleanser and make up remover just to get rid of any remaining impurities that have come off my eyes. I also love putting this on because I feel it really cools down my face after rubbing all the grub off. An added bonus is you only have to use a tiny bit of this product so it lasts forever so it almost seems like a slight investment. It will also be perfect in the summer when it gets a little bit too warm and your face needs refreshed.

Hydra Quench Cream - £35.00

Hydra Quench rich cream is probably one of the most well loved products from Clarins Skincare. It is a thick moisturiser for dry skin (obviously) and it's aim is to give your skin that moisture it probably needs. When Melissa first gave me my skin check I thought my skin was oily due to make make-up falling off my face when really my skin was actually dehydrated and it was drinking my foundation and other products up.
Ever since using Hydra Quench I have noticed a huge difference in not only my skin and the way it feels and looks but I noticed a huge different in the way my make-up looks on my skin. Out of all of the Clarins products Hydra Quench is probably the product I would recommend the most. It is slightly on the more costly side at £35.00 however this will transform your skin.

HydraQuench Cream Face Mask - £33.00

If you need something slightly more intense than just the HydraQuench moisturising cream and your skin is in desperate need of a pick me up then you need to get this mask! All you need to do is layer this on your face and let the product sink into your skin for about 10 minutes and just get a warm, damp face cloth and gently clean your face. I personally like to use this product once or twice a week due to the cold weather however in summer months or warmer weather I would only use it one a week or every two weeks. If you have really dry skin and you're sick of having to moisturise a few times a day then this is definitely the product for you.

Gentle Refiner - £25.00

I've been told to exfoliate my skin 2/3 times a week and i've tried a few different exfoliators and none have really stood out to me. I really love the Clarins one-step gentle exfoliating cleanser with orange extract as the smell is so refreshing and the product feels very light on your skin. However with exfoliators, I like to be able to feel the product really getting rid of any dry skin which is why I love the gentle refiner exfoliating cream with micro-beads. You can really feel this product going to work on your skin instantly and it leaves you feeling so incredibly clean and refreshed.

Lotus Face Treatment Oil - £32.00

Let me just start off by saying this oil has the most incredible smell in the world. All you want to do is pour it all over you and have the smell in your nose all day. When Melissa recommended that I use an oil on my skin I was extremely dubious (sorry for doubting you) because there are parts of my skin that seem really oily to me and I didn't want to make it any worse. However what I have discovered is the combination of ingredients in this product helps to balance out all natural oils in your skin and genuinely helps tone down oily areas. All you need to do is dab this on your skin after removing make-up and then remove any excess product with a tissue. Your skin will feel so luxuriously soft after using this and i've also found the essential oils help for a better night's sleep!

Moisture Rich Body Lotion - £30.00

Moving onto a more body care based product I picked this up at the airport on my way to Greece because I needed something to keep my skin moisturised. I actually put off using it a while because I wasn't expecting much from the product itself and I thought the smell would be quite bland. I was wrong though - the second I opened this I fell in love. The smell is so fresh and summery and makes you feel like you're on holiday. The texture is just like any normal body moisturiser but the feeling it leaves on your skin is so velvety soft. If using this product I wouldn't rub it onto your skin too hard, more like you're lightly dusting it on your skin as i've found this leaves the best results and it just melts into your skin and leaves your skin feeling incredible for at least a day or two. You just need this!!

Lip Comfort Oil - £18.00

Last but certainly not least my absolute favourite Clarins product of them all - the Lip Comfort Oil! This product was originally a limited edition product but due to such a high demand they re-released it and i'm so happy they did! You can get this product in a honey (as pictured) flavour or my personal favourite raspberry. There's so many aspects of this product that I love - the taste, the luxurious packaging, the applicator and the benefits this has on your lips. It gives you that creamy lipgloss feel mixed in with oil and doesn't leave you feeling sticky which lipgloss tends to do. It also leaves your lips looking fuller and gives you that 'your lips but better' colour. I could rave about this product for pages and pages but I just need everyone to go out and get this product instantly as it will become a staple for you!

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