6 Simple Ways For A Better Night's Sleep

     If you are anything like me you struggle to sleep at night which leave you feeling tired for the rest of the day and un-mo...


If you are anything like me you struggle to sleep at night which leave you feeling tired for the rest of the day and un-motivated. I have spent a lot of time trying to find ways to make sure that I not only fall asleep easily but I have a thorough nights sleep.                


I love any kind of herbal tea and I love the taste of lavender flavours so for me 'Sleepy Time' teas are my favourite part of my night time routine. 
My personal favourite is the brand Clippers 'Snore & Peace' tea which I feel is a more subtle flavour with a more floral taste however if you want the more heavy duty tea's I recommend a brand like 'Neal's Yard' and their night time tea. I remember when I first tried the Neal's Yard tea I just had the one tea bag I received as a sample and I remember I drank it and completely blacked out! It was absolutely incredible and I was in the deepest sleep. Saying that I much prefer the taste of the Clippers tea for the taste and weekdays if I have work because waking up to an alarm after taking the Neal's Yard tea was the hardest thing I have ever done - it is much better for weekends when you can actually sleep a solid 10 hours! 

Adult Colouring Books

2015 was without a doubt the year for adult colouring books and I was 100% on the bandwagon and I am obsessed with them! I've tried quite a few of them and I normally grab them from Amazon. However I was in Sainsbury's one day and I saw the 'Can't Sleep Colouring Book' and obviously if I love colouring in and I have trouble sleeping I NEED this book. This book has the most beautiful designs in it and it is the perfect thing to do to get relaxed before you go to sleep. 

However be warned: this sleeping technique is slightly addictive and it could either go one of two ways. You will have the best nights sleep OR you will get no sleep because you're wasting your time colouring in... But I can safely say it's 100% worth it.                      

No Screens

This is the hardest one out of all of them and the option that I admittedly don't do - stay away from any form of bright screen at least half an hour before you go to bed. This includes your mobile phone, laptop, IPad - ANYTHING. It's the hardest thing ever but it means your eyes aren't focused on a bright screen and your brain isn't in overdrive. Plus you won't spend the night thinking about what who said about who on Facebook because that's torturous, let's not lie.


Bath Time

I love nothing more than a nice, long bath with a bath bomb on a night to wind down after a day at work or a Sunday night. Personally I am a lush addict and I think that a bath bomb is the perfect way to enjoy your bath if it's not your favourite thing to do. The best way to enhance your relaxation to encourage sleep is by getting a bath bomb with a hint of lavender or chamomile and a recommendation of mine is Twilight. 
Twilight smells absolutely dreamy and makes you feel so incredibly relaxed with the lavender scent in the hope that you will go to sleep with a clear mind and a calming feeling. 


To link in with having a bath or if you're just lying in bed and need something to do then pick up a book Reading a book not only helps your imagination but it relaxes your mind ready to fall asleep. There is something so much more satisfying about reading a book rather than watching a film. If you aren't really into reading book and you like some white noise in the background while you fall asleep then I recommend purchasing some audiobooks. 

Sleep Spray

This Works sleep spray is a Godsent for me. I love this product so much so I have my little brother hooked on it! 
You just spray this bottle of goodness on your pillows and let the amazing smell envelope you and send you off into a deep sleep. For me this has almost become a therapeutic end to my day spritzing my pillows and getting into bed with your sleepy time tea - lavender overload and I love it! 

If all else fails, you have a serious problem and need some pills!! 

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