Top 5 Must Have 'Real Techniques' Brushes

Real Techniques is an amazing brush company which was brought to our shelves in 2011 and was created by Youtuber's Sam and Nic Chapman a...

Real Techniques is an amazing brush company which was brought to our shelves in 2011 and was created by Youtuber's Sam and Nic Chapman aka 'Pixiwoo'. These two sisters are amazing make up artists and are two of the most talented makeup artists i've watched on Youtube. Not only do they show you amazing new products and styles that are coming out but they show you how to use the products, hold workshops for upcoming makeup artists and are still very full on make up artists and passionate about their products. They are the perfect makeup inspirations.

Real Techniques brushes are also a fantastic, affordable product and are the perfect brushes if you are just starting out in make up. Even if you aren't just starting out and you are a make up artist - they are easily the best affordable brushes that you will own.

Shading Brush

Starting with an eyeshadow brush the most impressive one is the Real Techniques Shading Brush. I own all of the other eyeshadow brushes that Real Techniques have brought us - minus the Bold Metals collection - so I have tested them all thoroughly and this will forever be my favourite. This little brush is perfect not only for blending in eyeshadows but the shape and length of the bristles mean that you get a good coverage and the pay off is amazing because it holds onto the product. It's also the best brush I use for cream eyeshadows and blending cream based products. This brush is retailed at £7.99.

Setting Brush

This brush is my second favourite brush out of the whole collection and this little gem has a few different uses. I personally use it as a highlighter brush as it is the perfect size to just brush across your cheek bone or your brow bone and it leaves a lovely finish whatever product you use. It's also good for cream products such as highlighters and concealers and blends the product perfectly and leaves an airbrush finish. It's also only £7.99 - an affordable price for a multitasking brush.

Blush Brush

Another must have brush has to be the Blush brush. This brush was one of the first brushes I got in my Real Techniques collection. I did start to use this as a blush brush but in all honesty I just found it a bit too soft to pick up a good amount of product unless using something like a NARS blush with lots of pigmentation. However I used this brush everyday to add a bit of bronzer to my cheeks and I used MAC's 'Gold Deposit' and the product that the brush picked up was a perfect amount and left a beautiful finish on my skin.

If you want a nice bronzed glow then I definitely recommend picking up not only the blush brush but 'Gold Deposit' as the two products work amazing together. The brush is the perfect size where you can dust a product all over your body too so if you dust some of the highlighter across your chest and collar bone or even all of your body to leave that slimming sheen and it's only £9.99.

Powder Brush

In every make up brush collection you must have a powder brush for your powder... obviously. There is a powder brush in the Real Techniques collection and it's the 1401 brush and it is a lovely powder brush but it's personally a bit too large for my face. I feel like it's better for dusting on bronzer or as an all round body product like the blush brush. My personal favourite powder brush is from the 'Nic's Picks' selection and it's AMAZING. It picks up the product extremely well and not only do you get this amazing brush but you get another 4 brushes along side it! It's the second brush in the below photo and the first brush alongside this collection is a stippling brush and they are amazing for a photoshop powder finish. This set is rather expensive at £29.99 however completely worth the money considering the brushes you get. There are often offers on these brushes too and in Boots and Superdrug they can often be 3 for 2 deals or buy one get one half price so technically you would be saving money if you picked up this set and another one like the core collection! However if you can't afford the £29.99 then I recommend picking up the mini brush set - it still has three brushes but only comes in at £9.99 and has the nicest face brush in it that you could use for powder.
Expert Face Brush

Now I have definitely saved my favourite brush until last. I have 4 of these already because I swear by them. It is the best brush I own and I am OBSESSED with it. 
The expert face brush can be used for pretty much anything - cream highlighter, cream blusher, concealer, contouring. ANYTHING!! However I use it religiously as my foundation brush. It leaves the most amazing finish and blends my foundation in perfectly. I have spent years using foundation brushes that are that triangle shape and now every time I try to go back to those styles of brushes I hate them. I recommend everyone purchase this brush as it's just a dream. However the only thing I would say about this brush is that you need to clean it as often as possible. Once it's dirty you will never get it clean! This brush is only £9.99 and is one of the more expensive ones in the collection however worth every penny, you will definitely get your money's worth out of this product. Saying that, if you buy this brush once you will forever be buying it! 

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