'The First Phone Call From Heaven' by Mitch Albom

My brother picked out this book for me in Waterstones as it was on the offer 'Buy One Get One Half Price' and it was one of those &...

My brother picked out this book for me in Waterstones as it was on the offer 'Buy One Get One Half Price' and it was one of those 'pick a random book for me, might as well get one half price' buys. I didn't have much high hopes for this book but as I had been reading a lot of thrillers and dramas I thought I would go back to more soft hearted books that have a beautiful story line instead of constantly wanting to know who killed who.

The Story goes:

'When the residents of a small town on Lake Michigan start receiving phone calls from the afterlife, they all become the subject of widespread attention. Is it the greatest miracle ever or a massive hoax? Sully Harding, a grief-stricken single father, is determined to find out. This is a story about the power of belief- and a page-turner that will touch your soul'.

The fact that it said 'will touch your soul' gave me very high tear jerking expectations. However when I began reading it I was rather disappointed as Mitch Albom kept inserting random facts about the telephone and who created it in the beginning of chapters. I didn't quite understand how that fit into the story (minus the fact the story is about phone calls from heaven) and I didn't know where Albom was going to go with it but they do begin to eventually flow into the story and are compared perfectly to the characters and the situation they are in.

Towards the end of the book things started to grasp my attention and the story turned into something unexpected, and I was quite disappointed when I was coming towards the end. This is not because the book was terrible, but I felt so much belief for the story that it was a shock when it fell apart. Obviously I can't give away any spoilers but there is a moment in the book where you just want to throw it away and you think that it's not fair. However if you continue on and keep reading you will feel overwhelmed with emotions and the way that Albom has completed a beautiful story.

My favourite part about this book is not the story line or the characters, but the way that Albom has slipped in the most beautiful quotes:

  • 'Faith, it is said, is better than belief, because belief is when someone else does the thinking'.
  • 'When in life can love not penetrate'.
  • 'Sometimes, love brings you together even as life keeps you apart'.

I have never been reading a book and had to stop and think about what I just read in a way where I knew what was happening. Those three quotes blended into the story made me stop and think about what a beautiful thing love is; be it a relationship, family or friendship and Albom portrays that beautifully in this novel.

If you want a story that brings faith, hope, family and love all together then I definitely recommend 'The First Phone Call From Heaven'.

Albom was also the author of a book called 'The Five People You Meet In Heaven' and I have been told by many people that the book is a must read so I will definitely be investing in that eventually and hopefully it is written in the way that 'The First Phone Call From Heaven' is.

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