NARS Christoper Kane Collection 2015

NARS often brings out beautiful new collections but not as visually appealing as the Christoper Kane collection. Where they normally have t...

NARS often brings out beautiful new collections but not as visually appealing as the Christoper Kane collection. Where they normally have the well known black and white packaging, the white 'NARS' logo has been swapped with a beautiful shocking pink shade and it's the most amazing thing. This collection just looks like a thing of beauty and i've been obsessed ever since it was announced it was being released.

The collection consists of two beautiful shimmer eyeshadows (one a single and one a double), two multiples, two blushes and four bright lip glosses.

Personally I was more excited about the packaging than I was about the actual products but only two things truly stood out for me and they were the eyeshadows and the lilac multiple. I find the little double 'Parallel Universe' really sweet and pretty and it looks like you could really make the most of these two shades in the summer with the muted lilac and silver shimmer. However, I AM OBSESSED with the single eyeshadow 'Outer Limits'. The second I saw this shade I knew I wanted it and then when I saw swatches of it from American Beauty Bloggers (American's got the collection before the UK) who had purchased it I thought I was going to cry because it was so dreamy. It's just the most perfect eyeshadow I have ever seen. Obviously it's not for everyone and I get that but have you ever had that one product that you see and you just need it in your life? Then when you have it it's just too beautiful to actually use? That is this eyeshadow for me. And if you haven't had that product yet; your day will come and it will be overwhelming. 

ANYWAY - got slightly distracted by the eyeshadows - I was extremely excited for this collection as it looks spectacular online and in any photos that have been taken of it. However many people were disappointed over products such as the multiples and the lip glosses and how sheer they were. I am without a doubt the type of person who goes on Instagram and looks for swatches of the product before I purchase anything but I can definitely see why people would be a bit upset with the quality. Especially for products such as the lip glosses as all photos show them looking so vibrant and in your face when really they're extremely sheer.


Multiples - 'Violet Atom' and 'Quantum' - £29.00 (each)

Single Eyeshadow - 'Outer Limits' - £18.00

Due Eyeshadow - 'Parallel Universe' - £25.00

Blushes - 'Starscape' and 'Silent Nude' - £23.00 (each)

Lip Gloss - Mezmer (pink) 
                   Nebulous (Orange)
                   Nucleus (nude)
                   Glow Pink (purple/magenta) - £19.00 (each)


Personally I have never been a massive fan of multiples as I don't like the consistency of the ones I have tried and if I have ever tried to use one as a highlighter over my makeup it just separates my foundation and makes me look extremely patchy. However saying that the multiple 'Violet Atom' from this collection really caught my eye. I just thought the colour was stunning and would look amazing on any skin tone. The beautiful lilac colour with a slight blue green undertone - I just want to rub it all over my face.

Looking at swatches of 'Violet Atom' just confirmed what I already believed... I need this product. When highlighting I normally prefer golden shimmery products but looking at swatches of this you can tell it gives off the most beautifully unique shine. I just want to play with it so bad and I can't wait to get my hands on it!

The other multiple 'Quantum' would be a beautiful shade for darker skin tones as it's a bit too pink for a very fair skin tone, unless you are brave enough and like the barbie pink cheek look.


The blush in a similar colour to 'Quantum' and is a beautiful pink called 'Starscape'. It's essentially just a matte powder version of the multiple and it's just so goddamn pink! I feel like this blush could be extremely versatile as not only a blusher but you could use this as an eyeshadow or mix it with Vaseline or  a similar lip product and create a beautiful pink lip stain.

The other blusher in the collection is called 'Silent Nude' and is, as the name gives away, a very timid nude. For me personally I think this shade would make a perfect eyeshadow shade, it's such a pretty nude brown with a slight hint of shimmer. It's just the most perfect blush shade if you want that natural glow about you and even for very fair skin you may be able to get away with using it as a countouring shade if you want a bit of a more natural definition.

Lip Gloss

I will talk about the lip glosses before the eyeshadows as I want to end with my favourite products. When I first saw the lip glosses I got SOOOO excited! I'm not a massive lover of lip glosses but I was obsessed with how vibrant this specific product seemed. However like I was saying before, when the collection was actually released the word 'sheer' popped up. I'm not gonna lie, I was gutted... SAYING THAT - these lip glosses give the most flattering pop of colour and are perfect for someone who is a bit too nervous to wear bright in your face matte lipsticks as they are hard to wear.

As all matte lipstick wearers will also know when you wear a matte lipstick your lips dry out very easily and if you love wearing extremely bright lipsticks these glosses are a perfect coating to keep the dryness at bay. My personal favourite is without a doubt the colour 'Glow Pink'. This colour is so delicious and is a beautiful magenta colour and if someone had this colour made into a lipstick I would stock up and buy 20 so I could have it forever.


Ok... The eyeshadows...

I seriously don't know where to begin with these two little dreams. I don't even know what to say about them because i'm so in love with them!

These are easily two of the most beautiful products I have EVER seen coming from one single collection. 

Starting with the duo eyeshadow 'Parallel Universe', it holds the most beautiful silver and lilac shimmer shades. It's just the most alien like colour and is truly stunning. I've seen swatches of this and I believe it's actually prettier on the skin that it is in the pans. What's perfect about these two colours is that you can either have them really sheer on you lids and have a very muted shade or you can build on them and make them as in your face and vibrant as possible. 

Now, moving swiftly on to the single eyeshadow (i'm trying not to waffle away about these two products as it's easily done). The single 'Outer Limits' is easily my favourite piece from the collection. I'm very into golden shimmers anyway, anywhere I can put a gold shimmer on my body I will have it. My favourite eyeshadow is 'Half Baked' by Urban Decay and i'm constantly trying to play with new gold tones to find one to finally beat 'Half Baked' (yes i'm that lame I have eyeshadow competitions) and no brand has been able to outdo it, not Sephora or Maybelline or L'Oreal etc. HOWEVER 'Outer Limits' is putting it in some very serious competition. I think it could potentially win - that's how beautiful it is. It's just the most intense golden shimmer and the pigmentation on this product is insane. I recommend putting it on with a wet brush, preferably the Real Techniques Shading Brush as it gets ahold of the product perfectly and puts the colour on your lids exactly how it's shown in the pan. This product would also be perfect to add a bit of shimmer to a smoky eye - there really is just endless possibilities! 

Overall Verdict

At first, I wasn't really a big fan of this collection - just the look of it. However, when really reviewing the products and thinking about all of the possibilities with each individual piece I am completely sold on it and think it's one of my favourite collections to come from a make up brand and definitely my favourite collection to come from NARS.

Shop the collection at: NARS Christoper Kane Collection

You won't be disappointed! 

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