The Perfect MAC Nude Palette

MAC Cosmetics are a well known make up company around the world and are a very well respected brand. They have a wide range of make up and ...

MAC Cosmetics are a well known make up company around the world and are a very well respected brand. They have a wide range of make up and vibrant colours, which allow them to branch out the worldwide market offering a varied range of lipsticks, blushes, mineralise skin finish powders & such like. They also have a wide range of eyeshadows in warm neutral colours to bright, vivid shadows which are extremely pigmented. If you look through any make up artists kit they are bound to have at least one MAC Eyeshadow palette - if not five.

You can get the single eyeshadow pots for £13 so if you want to try them out first and test out a few colours you can get the individual pots. If you like a specific shadow and want it to be easily accessible in your make up bag, you can get the individual pots so you don't have to carry a palette around with you every step of the way. You can purchase individual inserts for £10 each to create your own palette. You have to purchase the palette itself so depending on what size you want, say if you just wanted two eyeshadows and want to create your own duo palette they are only £4.00 - you can either put together your two favourite daily eyeshadows or even put two eyebrow shades in so you have your own eyebrow palette. For a Pro Palette with 4 inserts, it is just £5.00 so you can get two nudes for example, white and a black for a day time/evening look in one small compact palette. I find these palettes ideal for chucking in your make up bag and having access to your favourite colours. Also, this would be perfect for holidays as again, you don't have to carry around a massive palette and there will be more room for other make up to sneak along with you in that bag of yours.

For people who like to play with make up and are a big fan of eyeshadows however, the Pro Palette 15 piece eyeshadow palette would be a perfect fit. Even if you're a make up artist these palettes are ideal to have in your collection. The actual palette is £14 and the insert is £2.50. They come individually allowing you to customise your palette to fit other in some powders and blushes if desired. 

Obviously if you know that you are a massive MAC eyeshadow fan and know you want a large quantity of beautiful eyeshadows in your collection then you can go one up and buy the Pro Palette Duo, which will allow you to fit in 2 inserts resulting in 30 spectacular colours! These palettes are magnetic so you can just ditch the inserts and just put the colours in wherever you want, but I like to keep them tidy and don't want to risk them getting knocked around and smashed, as it leaves an extremely annoying mess.

Many people are just discovering the MAC 'Warm Neutral' and 'Cool Neutral' palettes that MAC have created - they are essentially just a ready made palette and they are extremely beautiful. Many find that they aren't that varied in colour and they want a better mix of colours for different occasions. Where the Warm and Cool palettes are a great deal cheaper at £65, many people find themselves wanting to spend that extra money picking the shades that they want. Personally, I relate with many these opinions and if you are after a warm neutral palette with darker shades so you can get use from your palette during the day/night for a more smokey eyed look, I definitely would recommend creating your own for a more versatile palette and to really fullfill that craving of all the colours accessible.

Neutral Palette

In a neutral palette, you want a mixture of matte and shimmer eyeshadows. You also want a mixture of colours so that you can have warm nude eye make up during the day and a bit of pink shimmer during the summer. You then want a few darker eyeshadows for creating a smoky look on the evening.


Within your palette you should have a white shimmer eyeshadow, as you can either use this as a normal base colour or I like to use it around my tear ducts to make my eyes look brighter and wider. The shimmer adds a flush highlighted effect, which finishes off your eye make up perfectly and also adds a nice contrast. You could also use this eyeshadow to create a silver blended shadow or even to make the eyeshadows that bit more versatile you could use it to create a fancy dress style eye look.

 Pink Venus

I use this beautiful frosted pink colour for days when I want to add a slight bit of muted pink shimmer to my eyes. It is the perfect colour for if you don't have time to play around with different eyeshadows and you just need a quick all round shade. It is especially an essential colour for coming into summer as the sun reflects beautifully to create a highlighted effect leaving your eyes looking bright and glowing.


This is my favourite colour from the palette as it is such a good all round shade - a beautiful champagne gold shimmer. This colour is the most beautiful muted brown and have specks of gold in leaving it to add a bit of sparkle to your lids. I love pairing this shade with 'Tempting' and having a beautiful two tone eyeshadow look, as these two shades blend perfectly with each other.


Honesty doesn't look like much in the pot but blends onto your eyes into a beautiful rose gold, coppery shimmer and blends perfectly into your crease with 'retro-speck' if you want a very muted gold colour.

Expensive Pink

If you want a shade similar to 'Honesty' but want it slightly darker and not as golden 'Expensive Pink' is a better shade for you. Even if you just want a better shade in general for a smokey eye that is more gold and copper tones for during the day or even at night if you focus more on your lip colour rather than your eyes.


Obviously in an eyeshadow palette you need the perfect matte nude for a base colour. 'Wedge' is the best colour for a base and depending on your skin tone and it is ideal for putting all over your eyelids and under your brow to hide any discolouration from your veins if you have thin skin on your lids. I recommend getting this colour in your palette AND getting it in a singular pot, as it will be your most used shadow 😊, guaranteed!


If you want a nude colour with a slight hint of shimmer on your no make up days then 'Soba' is an ideal colour. It has flecks of gold throughout leaving a beautiful natural shimmer on your lids. It is also a very slight shade darker than 'Wedge' which means if you have been on holiday and are slightly tanned or have a naturally darker skin tone it will be the perfect 'not there' shade.


Moving onto the darker eyeshadows 'Tempting' is a darker version of 'Soba' - a perfect brown with gold tones and a perfect shimmery eyeshadow. It is also an ideal shimmery nude for people with a darker skin tone. This is a shade that I pair with the shade 'Retro - Speck' on a daily basis and I personally find that it makes the perfect every day look.


If you want a darker shade that is similar to 'Tempting' but not so gold and shimmery then 'Wood-winked' is a better match for you, especially if you have a darker skin tone. It would be the ideal base colour and if you like quite a brown smokey eye this would make your finishing look perfect.


For a perfect colour for blending and a more defined smokey eye 'Mulch' is ideal. It is a dark bronze with a pink and gold shimmer. This colour would go well with a lighter gold shimmer like the forever mentioned 'Retro-Speck' (I did say it was my favourite shade). Or even for something a bit different you could team it with a pink shade like 'Pink Venus' for a natural smokey eye for every day and work etc.

Star Violet

Having two pink shades in a palette is a necessity for me as it's good to mix up your looks by adding a pop of colour and I tend to stick to the more muted skin tones of pinks or when making the effort - purple. It is a good contrast having a more neutral frosty shimmer pink and having a darker pink/purple tone for the evenings or for people with a darker skin tone. 'Star Violet' is a beautiful gold and pink shimmer with purple tones and is the perfect eyeshadow colour for a darker feminine look for a night out.


'Cranberry' is basically what it says on the tin - a delicious maroon gold shimmer. This colour is perfect to have in your palette as when you're coming into winter or in autumn it is the most fitting colour for the season. Even if you have auburn coloured hair I feel that this colour would suit on any occassion. It's just the ideal colour to have in your palette for a bit of versatility.


Obviously in such a nude and gold toned eyeshadow based palette you need a silver shade. 'Electra' is the perfect electric silver shimmery shade. It's strikingly beautiful and if you do not like one of the brown shades or the coloured brown shades or the pinky shades I definitely recommend getting more silver based shadows like this one. Even if you do love gold shimmery shades it is nice to mix it up and have silver based looks every now and then to mix it up.

Obviously in any nude palette you need a black eyeshadow - even if you don't want to use the shadows as actual eye colours, I prefer to use them as a charcoal effect dusty eyeliner instead of a thick gloss line effect that eyeliners leave. 

In my palette I have two black eyeshadows. I have a shimmery black colour that I use for when I actually want to use the colour as an eyeshadow and then a matte black colour to use for the eyeliner effect.

Black Tied

For the shimmery black 'Black Tied' it is not only beautiful in the pot but spread onto your lids so beautiful your eyes will look like they have stars covering your lids. 


For a matte black eyeshadow I could not think of any better shade than 'Typographic'. It is literally like rubbing charcoal over your eyelids and is the perfect matte shade. If you use black eyeshadows often this is a must and definitely comes highly recommended - but be careful if it breaks away slightly because a little does a lot and it can make a hell of a mess!

Obviously not all of these eyeshadows will suit everyone and you may have to switch around a few to suit your skin tone or your style, however I definitely recommend investing in a MAC palette.
Yes they are rather expensive but compared to eyeshadow palettes that I use such as the Urban Decay Naked Palette this is the only one I can say will last me years. I have had this eyeshadow palette for nearly a year now and as you can see in the photos above it looks like I've barely touched it when in fact I use it nearly every day. When comparing it with the Naked Palette I did realise that the MAC eyeshadows were less pigmented which does have it's negatives but this is probably why they last so much longer. I've had MAC eyeshadow pots that have lasted three times the amount of the Urban Decay eyeshadow pots and as much as I prefer Urban Decay eyeshadows, I feel that MAC eyeshadows are more value for money. The positive comparison is that you don't have to have a ready made palette and you can choose your own colours. I pray for the days that Urban Decay bring out a make it yourself 15 eyeshadow palette that looks as professional as the MAC palette, it would be the best thing to happen to my make up collection! My most negative opinion on the NAKED palette's is that you can't remove the inserts once you have used them, whereas with the MAC palette you have the freedom to do as you please. My NAKED palette looks ridiculous because I have 5/6 empty pans and it just looks disgusting and I feel less inclined to use it so instead reach for my individual eyeshadow pots of a half empty palette with all of my favourite colours missing.

If you just want to try out having a MAC palette then I definitely recommend just purchasing the 'Warm Neutral' palette but if you want to try a few specific shades then I definitely recommend investing in the empty palette and buying the individual pots.

Plus, just think; you don't have to purchase the palette all at once. I have a colour eye palette that is a work in progress and every time I see a shadow that I like the look of I will purchase it. If you can't afford it just buy two or three eyeshadows every month as a pay day treat - that's only £20-£30 every month and will take over 5 months to create but if you're patient enough it will be worth the wait. If you're lucky enough I guess you can just get it for a birthday or Christmas gift from your family or a loved one.

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