March Favourites | 2015

Throughout the month of March I have tried out several products rediscovering some old favourites along the way. I've also tried so...

Throughout the month of March I have tried out several products rediscovering some old favourites along the way. I've also tried some new summer colours and have been playing with all of my pinks and nudes. I've tried brands that I'd never considered purchasing before - some being amazing and some that screamed a resounding no to being allowed to venture into my collection. However I'm going to share my favourite products of March 2015 - it's also my first ever favourites blog and I'm very excited to give you my honest opinions on certain products.

Carmex Lip Conditioner

I've always had quite dry lips if it's cold and especially after a day of wearing matte lipstick, which has been almost every day - they're just my favourites! I go through a lot of Vaseline and try out a lot of lip butters/scrubs,  which are not always cheap and can be quite time consuming when hunting them down.
However I came across the Carmex lip conditioner. This lip product is meant to be used once a day but if my lips have been really bad then I will use it before applying my lipstick.
This little pot is perfect to keep in your make up bag. You can either use your fingers to apply it or a lip brush. The pot is ideal in comparison to other lip balms, such as Lypsyl, which can be slightly unhygienic with the ever growing collection of hair and excess lip stick leaving its remains on the sides. This lip conditioner is amazing and if you suffer from dry lips it will be perfect for you. My matte lipsticks last so much longer now and I've really noticed the difference that this little pot of goodness has made.
At £2.59 it's fantastically inexpensive for the product quality and all of the added benefits and extra uses it brings. I do recommend using a lip brush though. The pot is quite small so when you're coming to the end of the pot it will become difficult to venture deep in to the tub to rake out the remains.

Dolce and Gabbana Lipstick

Sticking with lip products, my Aunty just recently gave me this Dolce and Gabbana lipstick. I would never normally buy a shade like this myself but after wearing it once I was completely sold.
The packaging on this product is a beautiful gold colour and clasps together perfectly so there would be no fear of the lid falling off randomly in your bag. My favourite thing about this lipstick is that the smell of this lipstick is not the typical chocolatey vanilla smell but actually smells (and tastes) like Parma Violets, which in itself is a dream anyway! This colour is in the shade 'carnal' and is the most perfect red for people who don't suit reds that much thanks to the slight pink tone that is present.

I've just recently purchased the MAC Toledo lipstick in 'barbecue' which is a burnt orange colour - I wore it for a few hours and it completely dried my lips out to the point I thought I would have to take my lipstick off, being at work I was devastated! This lipstick is a beautiful colour but I didn't want to have a face full of make up and no nice lipstick lathered on. I then thought I would try applying this Dolce and Gabbana lipstick over the top of the MAC lipstick I gave it an hour (without having to reapply) of having it on with the outcome of it leaving my lips feeeling extremely moisturised and didn't look chapped one bit.

This lipstick is definitely not only a beautiful colour, but is perfect for people with dry lips who always wear lipstick This lipstick never leaves my bag as a 'just in case'.

NARS Blush in 'Orgasm'

I've had this blusher for a few months now and use it nearly everyday. It is an essential in my make up bag, due to it's beautiful colour for lighter and tanned skin tones. Also perfect for those who where a little fake tan. It also has quite a bit of shimmer in this blush so leaves a beautiful illuminated effect on your cheeks, which really adds to that summer look.

If this blush is a bit out of your price range, then I definitely recommend buying the Sleek dupe 'Rose Gold' which is only £4.99 compared to the NARS price of £23.00. This is just to test the colour out and see if it suits your skin tone, however I think it's an extremely versatile blush suiting any skin tone. 

If you love this blush colour or you fall in love with 'Rose Gold' from Sleek then I definitely suggest investing in the NARS blush 'Orgasm' as this will last you months or even years if you save it for special occasions and going out.  

Maybelline 24 hr Color Tattoo Eyeshadows

I have never been a massive fan of cream eyeshadows but a friend of mine asked me to pick one up and I thought I would grab one to give them a try. 8 eyeshadows later it is safe to say I am hooked. I have some of the more vivid colours such as 'Turquoise Fever' which is a vibrant blue. I have two colours that blend perfectly together, these are a nude called 'On and On Bronze' and then a plum red to blend which is the shade 'Metallic Pomegranate'. Those two shades are perfect for winter when you want a quick shade for the day. They also have a beautiful shade that is a dupe for Urban Decay's 'Half Baked', which is in two of the NAKED palettes. This is the shade 'Eternal Gold'. My favourite colour however, has to be 'Pink Gold'. This is a beautiful nude pink shimmer (seen below), which is perfect for every day use and especially coming into the warmer weather where you don't want a shade to be so dark.

This is definitely my most used eyeshadow and is extremely long lasting. I wear this eyeshadow every day (this is not an exaggeration) and is a perfect mix of gold for a lighter look. If you wear eyeshadows a lot and work long hours or even if you're going out for the night, I definitely recommend getting a hold of these as you will notice a massive difference in your eyewear throughout the night. It doesn't run and stays intact on your lids.

Barry M Nail Varnish and Bourjois Nail Varnish Remover

I'm very into summery pastel colours, as I feel when you have a tan they really compliment your skin tone. I have recently been obsessed with the colour 'Fondant', which is a lovely violet purple and pink - I've worn this nearly every day for the past two weeks and I have had so many compliments from it. It's the perfect summer shade if you are girly and love the pastel colours mixed with nude tones as in some lights it appears pink and white.

Another nail item I have been obsessed with is the Bourjois '1 Second' Magic Nail Varnish remover. Claiming that it removes your nail varnish in one second was claiming a lot and I didn't know how I felt about it. I picked it up anyway as Boots always have the 3 for 2 deal on Bourjois products. Obviously this product didn't remove my nail varnish in 1 second BUT it would have if I didn't apply it so thick - this is the quickest and easiest thing to use and I can safely say I have not used nail varnish remover with a cotton wool pad since purchasing this product. Not only does it remove your nail varnish quickly with just two or three twists of the finger, it also leaves your fingers smelling fruity fresh and fragrant vanilla scent. This is definitely my most recommended product for people who like to change their nail varnish, as I felt that removing my nail polish was a bit of a chore and I didn't enjoy doing it, but with this little pot I actually feel the need to do it more often and enjoy it. HUGE thumbs up from me Bourjois.

LUSH Products

I have always been a massive fan of lush but recently I have been using some of their products and mixed with a fake tan I was trying out, my skin became very dry and irritated. I decided to head to lush and pick up a few bath melts that I have used previously and know make my skin feel moisturised, however when I was there, I picked up a bath melt that I have never tried before and came highly recommended by the forever lovely staff at Lush Newcastle. The melt being the 'Butterball'. This bath melt smells like what it's called and looks like - very buttery with essences of vanilla and cocoa. It is PERFECT for dry and sensitive skin, so if you struggle finding bath products you can use often then this is definitely the one for you. They also use the oil 'Ylang Ylang' which is used in aromatherapy to treat stress with an outcome of relaxation, so not only are you doing your skin good but you are doing your mind some good and allowing your body to feel replenished. If you have had a bad day, feeling rather sad or suffer from anxiety and other similar mental issues for that matter, then this product is a must in your bath products - I couldn't recommend a better bath bomb for an anxious mind. Plus they are only £2.65 each which puts it in the not so expensive category. Ideal!

An all time favourite bath bomb of mine, which I feel like I canno forget to mention is the 'Avobath'. This product is £3.35 so still in a reasonable price range. This product not only helps dry skin but is so fresh and revitalising that it will boost your energy levels for the rest of the day. I like to save this bath bomb for my days off or the weekend when I know that I need to do some house work, as it just makes me feel so ready and energetic. Not only does this product smell amazing in the bath tub but it fills all of the areas surrounding it. My bathroom is in the middle of my home and it spreads into the kitchen, hallway and bedroom which leaves that energising scent lingering for hours. 

The mashed avocado and olive oil leaves your skin feeling so soft and nourished that you will want to  continue to buy this product over and over again like I have. 
It also leaves the added benefit of shimmer on your skin, so if you are preparing for a night out and want that extra shine to your skin this bath bomb will create that effect without you having to spray random products all over your body.

If you like citrus, fresh smelling, hydrating bath bombs I daren't tell you to try this because you will fall in love (but try it because it's amazing). 

I will be doing favourites blogs every month from now on so I will be giving a wider variety of products from high end to drug store and bath products, maybe even favourite teas and films but obviously wanted to keep it simple with a handful of beauty and bath products for my first favourites.

If anyone has any questions about certain products or wants me to try them out first to let you know how they are, then feel free to email me at I will periodically check for updates so your questions will be answered immediately. Also, if you have any suggestions on what you would like to see me do with any future blogs then feel free to let me know.

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