Lime Crime Velvetine Dupes | MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers

Lime Crime is well known as a vegan make up brand who are for animal rights. They have a wide range of colourful products and have gaine...

Lime Crime is well known as a vegan make up brand who are for animal rights. They have a wide range of colourful products and have gained a massive following by bringing out the 'Velvetines'.

However there have been speculations around the Lime Crime product base recently in regards to products being stolen and the notion that the products are not strictly vegan.  The more damaging event has been the recent hacking of customers bank accounts through their online Lime Crime account. All of these situations have resulted in people backing away from the company and their products due to their unprofessional/negative actions.

With this being said, I am personally still in love with the Lime Crime Velvetines, as I have not had any issues with the company. I do know that many people will refrain from using them and want to look for alternatives but if you do already own one from this collection then you will understand that the products are of some quality regardless.


Sleek have just brought out a new range of matte lip creams called 'Matte Me'. This range is much more suited to people who want that Matte look with the lipgloss feel. I personally am not a massive fan of this new lip range and feel like the lipgloss does not blend into your lips - it leaves a thick line due to the thick consistency. However, for £4.99 I wasn't expecting much for this product but still have high hopes for Sleek as a brand. Like all Sleek products, the packaging is nice and simple which is appealing. I could argue though that the applicator is not the greatest to say the least...
It is very long and plastic with a very limited amount of cushion which makes the product unbalanced when put on your lips and leaves the amount that goes on your lips a little too excessive.


My eyes then scanned over the MUA make up collection and they have a product called the 'MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Laquers' for £3.00. For that price it would be rude not to pick up a few!

I grabbed five different colours and in the whole range they have 8:

- A Flush (nude pink)
- Halcyon (nude brown)
- Serene (light pink)
- Atomic (orange)
- Criminal (bright pink)
- Funk (darker pink)
- Kooky (deep purple)
- Reckless (red)

Obviously with this product only being £3.00 I didn't get my hopes up at all and kept putting these products aside and it took me a while to finally try these. I can honestly say I do not like how my brain functions sometimes, as these products are out of this world! If they had a high end brand name like Tom Ford or Chanel and were £20-£30 more expensive then they would be all over social media. These lip lacquers are so amazing it is astonishing to me that they are only £3.00 - THREE ENGLISH POUNDS! That's less than a Starbucks coffee (if you like Starbucks of course).

This was initially going to be a blog about Velvetine dupes but there is only one product that truly stands out for me and that is these MUA Velvet Lip Laquers. No product that I have tried even comes close.

What are they and how do they work?

If you have not yet tried these then I definitely recommend them, and for the people who don't really know what they are or the concept of them:
When you put these lip lacquers on your lips they are a vibrant vampy colour that are very glossy and have a very thick, creamy consistency when first putting it on (similar to a lip gloss). After a few moments the gloss starts to dry up and take on a matte look.

What's the difference between these lip lacquers and normal matte lipsticks?

These products are very similar to the matte lipsticks but at the same time they are nothing alike.
Matte lipsticks have a tendency to dry out your lips after a few hours of wear, whereas these lip lacquers don't do this at all. They are also extremely long lasting. Obviously I wouldn't say this without having really put them to the test, which I have of course done so with some success!
I went out for a meal wearing the colour 'Kooky' which is a very dark purple. This colour is ideal for Winter and Autumn. I had a glass of wine with my food and not only did the colour of the lipstick make it so that there was no stains of red wine but the colour did not fade. As expected with most lacquers, the colour faded away a little inside my mouth, but that was easily fixed by a coating of lipgloss or even vaseline. I managed to get through a full meal and not have to top up my lipstick once - only people who wear vibrant colours will understand how amazing this is.

These lipsticks are ideal if you are, like said above, going out for a meal or going on a date with someone. They are also perfect if you work long hours and don't have the time to keep stopping to apply your lipstick. You can also use them for a night out - if you know that you are going out for a few hours and know that you are going to be meeting up with a potential love interest or just some random guy this lip product is completely smudge proof! So not only will it stay on before, during and after whatever you are doing, you will realise when you look through all the photos of the night before you won't be faced with the reality that you had lipstick all over your face and you won't be able to pick out all of the embarrassing guys that you kissed who have matching lip stains on their chin, cheek, lips, neck... You get the drift.

These products are falling off the shelves so your best bet is to order them from the Superdrug website or the MUA website. They are definitely worth the money (I repeat - 300 pennies!!) and whoever doesn't buy them would be crazy.

The best colours to invest in are Reckless, Criminal, Atomic and Kooky as they cover all of the main colours and are perfect for all seasons. And another nifty benefit being, that these specific colours are very good dupes for the Lime Crime Velvetines!

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