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I have just recently been to Abu Dhabi to visit my Aunty and while I was over there we went to Dubai Mall. Dubai Mall has a lot of sh...

I have just recently been to Abu Dhabi to visit my Aunty and while I was over there we went to Dubai Mall. Dubai Mall has a lot of shops that we don't have in Newcastle or the UK like Sephora and Inglot. I decided to try and get a handful of things to try out and I also picked up a few beauty products in Duty Free and other shops whilst I was out there. I ended up going a bit crazy and picking up quite a few items and I ended up buying a lot of things that are available in the UK like Sleek and Mac but a few things that aren't so for anyone who wants to know about a certain product before they go away and invest they know what is best to pick up.


When it comes to flying and being on a plane you are sat waiting around for a flight for hours and you then have to sit in a close proximity with other people and sometimes you can spend a whole day travelling. Obviously when you get off the plane or when you're changing over you want to remain feeling fresh and looking like you were just on a plane for 20 minutes instead of 10 hours. I didn't take any concealers with me but decided to quickly pick up one when I established how long I was going to be travelling for. I picked up the 'Sleek Corrector & Concealer Palette' from Boots as it was only £7.99.

I already love Sleek products and have a lot of their blush palettes and lipsticks, however I have never tried their foundations and concealers as I normally stick to my high end products. However as I thought I would just use this for the plane ride and that be it I didn't want to spend a lot of money. 

As you can see there are three options in the palette and it has a very big mirror which is also a massive benefit when you're on a plane. It also means you don't have to carry a mirror with you and it's one less thing to worry about.

The first is a corrector which is designed to neutralise discolouration which will help with if you're jet lagged and tired and need something to hide the dark circles under your eyes.
The second is a concealer which is obviously to hide your imperfections if you get any blemishes.
The third is a setting powder. Not only is this a nice lightweight powder that sets your concealer for long lasting wear but it is SPF15 which will protect your skin against harmful UVA rays if you are going to be going into the sun.

I would definitely recommend this palette to everyone and for the fact that I was only going to use it for the plane ride and never planned on using it again it is now part of my everyday make up bag.


Everyones favourite thing to do before boarding a plane is to go into Duty Free at the airport. Everybody loves it and the majority of the times you get people's presents from there.

A few days before I went on holiday I ran out of my favourite foundation and instead of going and buying a new one I thought I would just pick up one from Duty Free. I was going to just get MAC Studio Fix as I thought Newcastle Airport would have MAC but I was wrong. I was then going to just get Bourjois healthy mix as this is one of my other favourites but I decided to treat myself and get a Chanel foundation. I picked up the Long-Wear Flawless Liquid foundation as it had SPF 10.

At first I wasn't very impressed with this foundation but I fell in love with the smell. It just smells like holiday and summer and when I used it when I came home it reminded me of my holiday and brought back lovely memories.
It's a very silk like foundation and if your skin is quite discoloured then I definitely recommend this product. It goes on very smoothly and the pump is extremely easy to control so you don't have to worry about putting too much on. This foundation is definitely growing on me and it does last for a long amount of time. Being in Dubai was definitely a good place to test this foundation out as it is extremely humid but the real test is what it's like in the lovely English weather and see how well it lasts in the wind.

However if you want quite a heavy weight foundation that is build-able and covers all blemishes then I would not recommend this foundation. It is definitely a foundation that only needs one layer and is for people who want quite an elegant look and not an in your face 'look how much make up i have on' look. 


With MAC cosmetics I know that we get these products in the UK but when I was away the MAC Isabel and Ruben Toledo limited edition collection came out and their lipsticks sold out instantly. Luckily when on the way home I picked up my favourite colour 'Barbecue'. This shade is a beautiful Matte burnt orangey red and will look amazing in the summer with tanned skin. 

I looked through the collection and definitely recommend people getting their hands on as much as they can because it's all beautiful. If I wasn't with my mother at the time I would have definitely bought more of it! 
There are two other lipsticks in the collection which I would recommend picking up if you get the chance and they are 'Oxblood' which is a beautiful nude colour and Victoriana which is a beautiful pink and red toned lipstick.
Another amazing product from the collection is the ombre blushes. Everything about these blushes are beautiful and at only £25 are affordable for a limited edition product. 

I also picked up a beautiful pink nude called 'Pink Plaid'. I was originally going to pick up the notorious 'Velvet Teddy' but I saw this and instantly fell in love and it hasn't been off my lips since I came home. 'Pink Plaid' and 'Snob' are without a doubt the most perfect pink nudes. Not only does it smell amazing but it has a dirty blue/pink matte finish which also helps whiten your teeth. Leave Velvet Teddy behind and go pick this up!

There was a MAC counter in the middle of Dubai Mall and my Aunty desperately wanted to take me and I was only going to have a look around, I never intended to buy anything as there was nothing I wanted. However when there I saw that there was a Rocky Horror Picture Show lipstick in with all of the normal lipsticks. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is my favourite film and I was desperate for the limited edition collection to come out. However when it did come out I missed out and the things that I wanted sold out instantly. I was always gutted and didn't trust buying any of the collection from Depop or Gumtree plus they were all going for an extortionate amount of money.

When I asked the lady on the counter if she had any left she disappeared into her little drawers and like a kid at christmas I started getting more and more excited at the prospect of finally getting my hands on one of these lipsticks. However, she came back empty handed and recommended I went to Bloomingdales. When there I had a look around but the lady on the counter said she didn't think they had any. But then she opened this drawer and there was just Rocky Horror products everywhere. Most of them were sold out which was devastating but I managed to get my hands on this beautiful lipstick. It's in the shade 'Oblivion' and is the perfect in your face, Rocky Horror, Tim Curry, Sweet Transvestite RED and very moisturising being a Mac Amplified lipstick. It's so beautiful I never want to use it - I just want to stare at it.


I then went to Sephora and died and went to make up heaven. I've always wanted to go to a Sephora and being in one was just insane. There were so many people there and it's definitely not for the 'easy shopper'. I noticed that there was a lot of products that we get in the UK. For example there was NARS, Chanel and Urban Decay. I went straight to the Sephora section to see if I could pick a few things up to try and there was a vast collection.

I picked up one of their eyeshadow brushes and it is the 'Crease Shadow' and is the perfect shape for blending eyeshadows into the crease of your lid. However it is not going to be a staple item in my make up brushes as my Real Technique brushes are definitely winning over this brush but as I didn't have a very good crease brush in my collection I am glad I picked it up.

 I didn't want any foundations or powders and there wasn't many good options for highlighters so I stuck to eyeshadows. I picked up these two beautiful gold and silver Sephora shadows. I use a lot of gold eyeshadows everyday and always use them but in summer I often pick up silver so thought that these two would definitely get their wear.

They are both very shimmery shadows and the silver one especially is extremely glittery. When putting on the colours with a brush you don't get a very vivid colour and it keeps the shadows quite muted. However if you want them to be shimmery and the colour they look in the pots I recommend putting them on with either your finger or a brush like the Urban Decay shadow brush as you get a better hold of the colour and then if necessary blend it in with a softer brush.

I then picked up these two shadows that were on a display for 'SHOUROUK' for Sephora. I totally fell in love with these two eyeshadows and they are also perfect to go on top of the two neutral colours I picked up. They are extremely pigmented and glittery. The blue and silver toned eyeshadow feels like pure glitter so if you get your hands on these colours I definitely recommend putting them over the tops of cream eyeshadows. The Maybelline 'Color Tatto 24 hour' eyeshadows would be perfect to match with these eyeshadows. For the gold shimmer you could put it over the colour '05- Eternal Gold' to bring out the bronze tones and for the blue colour '87- Mauve Crush' to enhance the blue in the glitter or if you want to go all out use '20- Turquoise Forever'. 

I then looked at the Sephora Palettes to compare them with the notorious Urban Decay NAKED palettes. I wanted to get a palette that I would actually use so I stayed away from all the coloured palettes and picked up the 'It Palette' which is a nude coloured palette.

This palette comes in a beautiful bronzed snake skin magnetic case. When opened it has a large mirror, a two in one eyeliner brush and all over shadow brush and then a contour eyeliner pencil along with 12 colours. 

The colours include a mixture of shimmery and matte eyeshadows. 
My favourite thing about this palette is that it has a guide. It's perfect for people who are a beginner and are unsure on how to actually put on eyeshadows. It has two highlighters and a base colour, it then gives the options for the 7 eyeshadow options and then two eyeliners on the end.

The colours are very similar to the Urban Decay Naked Palette (i) but the difference with these ones are it offers a highlighter and eyeliner colours and also has more rose gold and coppery tones which is perfect for nights out and smokey eyes.

If you are a beginner with eyeshadows or need a good nude palette to carry around with you that you know won't open in your bag and break everywhere this is the palette for you. Similar to the singular eyeshadow pots the colours aren't extremely pigmented so are perfect for if you are in school or are at a job where you can't wear a lot of make up.


I then went into a shop called 'Inglot'. If you watch American make up artists on YouTube the majority of them have an Inglot make up palette and i'm not surprised. When I walked into this shop I fell in love and instantly wanted to work there. The fact that there is not one of these in the UK is baffling to me, I am obsessed and want to live in Dubai or America or wherever has a shop just so I can go here everyday.

As I had never tried this product before I didn't want to buy much as I didn't want to waste my money. However I now regret this decision as this has turned into a new staple item in my every day make up bag. All of my MAC and NARS blushes have been pushed aside and this palette has taken their places.

You can get a few different styles of palettes. They are called the 'Freedom System Palette'.
If you want the eyeshadow palette you can create your own and make a palette with up to 40 colours. You can also get a palette with a mirror in it and the blush and powder palettes go up to 4. You can also get a white one which is only available for one blush or powder.

These palettes are perfect for people who always take their make up with them or for make up artists as the magnetic cover is never going to fall off and if it ever did the blushes are also magnetic and won't fall out. 

I picked up three blushes and a fusion blush and illuminator. The three blushes are shimmery and are extremely pigmented. If you invest in one of these palettes you could use them every day and they would last you a really long amount of time as you only have to use the bare minimum for that perfect dash of colour on your cheeks. The blush in the fusion is matte and the illuminator is the perfect pink highlighter. You could even use it as an eyeshadow as it's extremely shimmery and translucent.

The perfect this about this palette is you could put the blushes wherever you wanted. They came in separate packaging so you could go home and play around and if you ever run out of one then you can just take it out and put a new one in. If anyone goes into an Inglot store I definitely recommend picking up a blush palette as it is by far my favourite item I bought and maybe even my favourite item in my make up collection.


Last of all I went into Forever 21. I picked up a few clothing items but at the till, just like any shop, they had a few stands with different things on them. They had a lot of beautiful make up cases but this cute clear dinosaur cosmetic case and shark wash bag were too cute not to pick up. Also, I needed somewhere to store all of my new make up so it was a good excuse to buy them. I definitely recommend getting a Forever 21 make up case as they have a wide collection and a lot of different styles for people who want to be more professional or people like me...

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