Valentine's Day for Dummies

Valentine's Day is a day all girls can go crazy and show off their love to the world, and let's not lie; we've seen some ...

Valentine's Day is a day all girls can go crazy and show off their love to the world, and let's not lie; we've seen some guys do it too. Social media is full of images of happy couples, pandora rings, proposals and lots of lovey dovey status's.

However many men struggle to get this day completely right. All girls have probably been there, imagining the day for weeks before hand. A big bouquet of red roses, the pair of shoes you've had your eye on for weeks, the lipstick you've been hinting at, a new dress to go with your shoes and then a romantic candle lit dinner with a lovely bottle of wine. That's the dream, but normally it's just a few daisies, a card and a takeaway because they forgot to book a table in time. If it's your first Valentine's Day together this is probably the worst thing ever to happen for your other half. It's like setting your relationship up for a loss already. Obviously this is only for certain people - some relationships blossom from friendship and some people just don't like celebrating this 'special day' and that means that they're quite happy with a takeaway and daisies but let's not lie, all girls love presents.

But for all those disappointed girls who will go on their Instagram and Facebook at the end of the day and see all the happy couples with their diamond rings and Kurt Geiger's while they're sat eating their chow mien, there will be a little niggle in the back of their head saying 'why can't I have that'. 
But for those of you who want to make a good impression and have no idea what to do I can be of some assistance. I have given a few different ideas to people now and instead of just repeating myself, i'm just going to put it all in here for you. Boys, I promise not to take any credit for it either. 
Below is a list of a variety of gifts from stationary to shoes to different tea. Obviously this may not be of use to everyone, as we are all different but I do know a few things that can help and make your girlfriend happy.
One of the main things that girls love that boys don't get is stationary.
It's a guilty pleasure of ours and we love notebooks and pens and diary's. Paper chase is our our Disney Land of Stationary.
If your girlfriend works in an office or is always having to write things down then your best bet is a notebook, and obviously it being Valentines you have to have a love and hearts theme.

My personal favourite is this one from Paperchase (also on ASOS). This beautiful two set of Craft Heart notebooks is only £6.00.

Another favourite are these cute set of sticky notes from Paperchase. The Confetti Hearts Sticky Notes are only £5 and have sweet little messages such as 'you're lovely' and adorable plain notes with hearts on. Essential and sentimental.

Moving on from Stationary to gifts that are more for girls who love clothes, fashion and makeup. This is the part that many men struggle with most. Below are a range of gifts that are in the range of your usual high street price tags to then pushing that extra bit of dollar from your wallet. I will put the not so expensive presents first and then follow with the pricier items.

Most of the clothing items are from ASOS as they have an amazing range of high end and affordable gift ideas. The first item I have chosen was this sweet grey jumper with pink heart elbow patches.

This jumper is only £22 so ideal for relaxing around the house in but is also good for if your partner is in an office job as it's quite basic and casual with a smart edge. 

The Sweatshirt from ASOS spells the words 'Love Of My Life', perfect for girls who like to relax and wear loose clothes around the house. With jumpers like this I always recommend getting a bigger size so it is nice and baggy to add to maximum comfort.
This little gem is £25.00 from ASOS:

For a sexy night time look for a girl I would recommend this Chiffon Eyelash Lace Trim Teddy Slip.
This item is also from ASOS and is £28.00:

Probably a personal favourite is this Fashion Union Tulle Mini Prom Skirt. It's perfect for coming into summer and with the heels and striped top it makes a perfect casual outfit too. 
This skirt is only £20.00 from ASOS and if you want to complete the look so your girlfriend doesn't struggle with what to wear it with you could buy the whole ensemble or even just the top.
When it comes to shoes you want to play it safe and simple but not too simple. Obviously if you are going to spend a lot of money on shoes you want your girlfriend to get their wear out of them.
If you look through any girls wardrobe or shoe collection you will probably get an idea of what style of shoe they like and if not - ask your mother or female siblings.
You can do no wrong with Kurt Geigers, they're affordable but any girl will get excited when they see the shoe box. The first pair are these beautiful, plain black suede high heels at £130. 

For girls who aren't a massive fan of heels but still like a slight lift the ASOS shooting star heels are perfect and are insanely beautiful. They're ideal for parties and weddings and will definitely be warn throughout winter and Christmas time. They come in two different colours, a nice greeny teal and a silver. They can be picked up for £40.00 and are relatively new in so if your girlfriend loves them you can always go back and get the other colour and save them for her birthday or another celebration.

If your girlfriend is going on holiday with yourself, her family or her friends or even if she's going to a festival it's nice to get her something to remind her of the fun she is about to have and the memories she's going to be making. Get her some sunglasses or a cute little bum bag she can keep her stuff in. Even a passport holder is enough to get you excited. This little Topshop gem is only £15.00 as well.

Even getting her a luggage bag for the plane and when she's at the beach will make her appreciate the effort that you are trying to get her excited and the plus side, she gets a beautiful new bag out of it. This Topshop Tapestry Luggage Bag from is £45.00 and perfect is she is going to Morocco.

If you are looking for a more high end bag your best bet is a classic Vivienne Westwood. These bags are flawless if your girlfriend likes beautiful bags that will last forever which she could show off to her friends. The newest style of bags from Vivienne Westwood are perfect with the little bow and orb detailing. For a designer brand this bag is still a reasonable cost at £215.00

If you have a girlfriend who enjoys taking care of her body and goes to the gym then the brand new range of Adidas sportswear designed by Stella McCartney is perfect. The brand prices range from £19.00 - £60.00 and are ideal for making your girl feel even better when working out.

Moving onto makeup - a girls best friend.
You can't go wrong with two things: Eyeshadows and Lipstick.
With Mac you can make your own eyeshadow palette and select what colours to put in but if you haven't got a clue about make up your best bet is to buy the 'Warm Neutral' palette. It has 15 different shades of eyeshadows in it and costs a mere £65 which is about £100 less than making your own.

Another gift all girls love is definitely a Mac lipstick. You really can't go wrong. Even if she already has the colour you bought her she obviously likes it and will use it. 
Most of the top lipsticks at the moment are sold out but if you can get a hold of them your girl will love you forever and a day! 
The top ten Mac lipsticks you can buy are:
- Velvet Teddy
- Heroin
- Candy Yum Yum
- Saint Germain
- Lady Danger
- Myth
- Snob
- Blankety
- Ruby Woo
-Russian Red
There are always new brands coming out and the new one to come to store is the Viva Glam by Miley Cyrus. What's good about the Viva Glam lipsticks is that 100% of the proceedings go to a charity dedicated to HIV/AIDS. So not only are you getting a good present for your love on Valentine's Day, you are doing a good deed for an important charity.
Another brand of lipsticks you can't go wrong with is NARS.

You could probably get away with buying any NARS lipstick for your other half and them being really happy about it. Just go into John Lewis or Space NK depending on where you live and all you need to do is say 'pick a lipstick for my girlfriend'. Done, just like that. I remcommend Michio, Vera and Liv.

The audacious lipsticks are £24.00.

However if you want to be the favourite and give the best make up gift you could get right now - NARS has just brought out some amazing new palettes.
There's palettes such as the 'NARSissist Blush, Contour and Lip Palette'.
This is just a mere £35.00.

Then there's the dream - The Virtual Domination Cheek Palette.
This palette has four different blush colours and a bronzer.
For this product you will be spending £45.00. 
Below is the link to the NARS gifts where you can pick from a selection of amazing gifts.

And if none of these gifts take your fancy, there's always Sex Tea.

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